View Full Version : adding extra fuel tank

06-17-2008, 07:52 PM
I own a 98 270 sundancer and am looking into adding additional fuel tanks a 40 gal on each side as the orginal tank isnt large enough for offshore. In the mid birth at your feet there is a wall which behind if removed is a lot of extra space 11" wide by almost 5feet . I noticed this when i added a 20 lcd screen and had to take out wall to mount which all it is plywood covered with viyal and 4 screws and it comes right out. I was wondering if i was to move the vaccum flush pump for the toilet out of the bilge and behind this wall and rerun all my wiring and hose would this be a safe thing to do are has anyone ever did this and for safety i have a raymarine e120 i was thinkin of adding a camera behind the wall just to monitor the pump. not sure if these typically catch on fire but that really my only drawback but this again its not like its on all the time. any comments is greatly apreciated. thanks Ronnie