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    CSR has become the online gathering place for Sea Ray owners nationwide. There simply is not a more effective place to attract the attention of Sea Ray owners and buyers. There are literally thousands of Sea Ray owners and buyers through our site daily. We have well over 20,000 registered members. Our rates are a fraction of what competing sites with less traffic charge. CSR has 3 options for advertising on our site:

    • Banner Ads
    • Boat Classifieds
    • Forum Sponsorships

    Banner Ads - We offer banner ads to any respected company in the marine industry. Banners ads are available in 2 sizes. We have 160px wide by 600px tall Tower ads that appear on the right side of the site. And we have 728 px wide by 90 px tall banner ads that appear below the first post of every thread. Rates are as follows:

    • 160X600 Tower - $99/month

    • 728X90 Banner - $69/month

    (upon payment above we will send you instructions for creating and submitting a banner ad)


    Forum Sponsorships - CSR offers two tpes of forum sponsorships. One is to display your 120X40 px banner next to one of our popular forum sections. This is a great way to get your name out for a particular area of interest, as anybody reading that forum section will see it. The other is to actually buy your own forum section within CSR to discuss your own products or services. Ideal for manufacturers or dealers that want instant results to marketing efforts.

        • Forum Button Ad - $59/month
        • Forum Sponsorship - Get you own CSR Section - $99/month

    Brokerage, Pre-Owned, New Classifieds - CSR is the highest ranking Sea Ray Classifieds site in Google. If you want Sea Ray buyers we have them. We have developed a wonderful classifieds site that is easy to use and appealing to buyers. You can upload unlimited boats, unlimited pics and unlimited specs. This is an effective, cheap, and easy supplement to your existing advertising. To see just how effective this is try typing "Sea Ray Classifieds" into Google. Better yet, just type "Sea Ray" and see where we pop up. Rates are as follows:

    • $90/month
    • $899/year

    Go to the Classifieds now.

    To sign up please email us or call 866-735-5926 ext 104.

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    1. tamarama's Avatar
      tamarama -
      I am a sponsor who is also interested in advertising. Do most of the sponsors advertise to the right with tower ads?
      My ad is for EZ-Xtend Boat Zippers, I have both tower and banner ads. Do you have any recommendations on the most effective way or place for me to advertise?

    1. CSR_Admin's Avatar
      CSR_Admin -
      Either would work fine. Our rates are extremely low, I think the tower ads get noticed the best.
    1. StuGa1's Avatar
      StuGa1 -
      I want to a advertise my 1974 SRV Restored SeaRay. Your site is a bit confusing. Could you please provide instructions.

      Stuart Brenner