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Great South Bay Boaters

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  1. MaddyDean
    Hi All South Bay Boaters.

    I figured I would start this group for us here boating on the Great South Bay of Long Island, New York.

    I little about myself. I had a 20-foot Sea-Pro for the last 3 years and towards the end of the 2009 season, my wife said to me, "we need a bigger boat". She tried to explain why but I cut her off and said, "Say no more"

    So, i started to look and after about 30 boats we found this 1991 280 SunDancer. She is winerized now but we are counting the days until we can drop her in the water.

    Now that we hava the bigger boat, we are looking to venture out further and find more places, people and things to do.

    This is one of the reason for this group.

    I hope other GSBer's will find this gtroup and join. It will be fun and we can help and learn from each other.

    Have a great day.

    Vince MaddyDean
  2. MaddyDean
    For other dog owners: i would like to put together a list for Dog Friendly areas in the GSB.

    Please submit locations that you know about.
  3. JohnEGraham
    Hi, I am in my second Year of Boating. I am docked in Lindenhurst. I am always looking for places to go on a budget with Locations that are Cheap or Free to dock for Resturants with inexpensive good food with Happy hours / Music.
    Plus locations that have food or drink that give you a Food vouchers to return you dockage fees.
    Also Locations to Anchor that are easy to use a dingy if the docking fees are large.
    I just posted information for Fire Island from someone from Mastic Conn. that I will re-post here to get the ball rolling
    Please submit locations.
    John E G.
    PAST POST: Looking for a party atmosphere at Fire Island is easy.
    There is pleanty to do at Fire island depending on your wallet.
    I believe one of the wildest Bar that you can bring your boat to / near by is Flynns.
    They have a dock but its not cheap and can be rough at times ( Jusy like most of Fire island there is little full protected areas) If you have a Dingy (or swim /wade ) you can Anchor just West of the dock and Go to / thru Scooners another good bar, Scooners somtimes charges a $5 Drop of fee during prime times and than Walk over to Flynns. The Bar Does get a little Young at Prime times, Such as Sat Night.
  4. tdschafer
    Hi Folks. I just posted this message but it didn't show???Anyway, I've been boating the GSB approx. 30 years and the funny thing is I keep going to the same places. Must be a comfort thing...I just upgraded from a '79 260 DA to a '97 330 DA last season and would like to venture out to new areas as I get comfortable with this boat. I look forward to the posts on this link!
    Todd Schafer
  5. bmac
    Hi guys, I grew up on the GSB, having started with my own boat at 16. After graduating from college with two engineering degrees and a USCG 3rd Assistant Engineers license I gave up recreational boating for almost 20 years. We got back into it 6 years ago and now it's become a way of life for us. The GSB is a great place to boat and it's an easy jumping off point to destinations well beyond. I spend a lot of weekends at Watch Hill and am looking forward to the season getting here as soon as possible. Spring boating season for me starts on or about St. Patty's day. It can't get here soon enough.
  6. tdschafer
    Hey bmac, Where do you dock? I'm @ Corey Beach, Blue Point. I also am a fan of Watch Hill. I alternate bet WH & Davis Park. I'm sure i'll be seeing u there this summer. Todd
  7. bmac
    Hi Todd. For the past 6 years we were at Bay Point marina, just west of Corey on the point (big blue building). Because of constant shoaling at the mouth of the marina and my draft we had to time arrivals and departures to two hours on either side of high tide, no fun in that. So in the spring we are relocating to the Patchogue River, plenty of water there. See you at WH....Brian
  8. tdschafer
    Hi Brian, Talk about a small world. I used to dock @ Baypoint when it was Tabat Marine. Dave Tabat is a good friend of mine. They used to dredge it every year but I'm not sure they always had the Army corp of Engineers blessing if u know what I mean. Any way I left when Dave did and was in patchogue river. Had a buddy lived there and hooked me up right next to the Oar House. I actually stored my boat @ Baypoint this winter as Dave has returned to service the boats there. Mine is inside that big blue bldg as Howie Tabat did some fiberglass repairs this winter. Where R U headed, Leeward Cove? My bro docks his 23 there that he uses to go to his 49 @ Davis for the season. Pretty nice Marina. Andy is already fishing for me to stay @ Baypoint but we love Corey. I have 3 small children and we use the waterfront playground all the time not to mention its alot cheaper being a town marina. Plus we usually stay the night there then head to WH in the morning. A short walk to Flo's famous sandwich shop for Ice cream after dinner is always a good time too!
  9. johngus
    seems like a good idea.I boat from the Anchorage in Lindenhurst.Usualy end up at Cedar or anchor in Old Coast Guard Cove or Hemlock
  10. scootz40
    Hey guys i dock my boat down mudd creek. A short hop to davis park or watch hill. see you there this summer scott
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