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  1. NZ268
    NZ268 JDMerkel
    Hi JDM You have a searay 268 with twin 4.3l, the same setup as we have down here in NZ. I see in one of your posts you had a set of Mirage 48 13700 19 props as spares. Did you ever fit and test them?- interested to know what they were like as we are upgrading our Vengeance 17P to a 19P prop soon and looking at the 19P options. Thanks in advance. Darrell
  2. Marksearay
  3. Marc Fields
  4. bmay1909
    bmay1909 strange weather
    Here is my address:
    Brian May
    18045 Autumn Ln
    Macomb Twp., MI 48044

    Thank you, I cannot find a replacement anywhere. Black will look better than a broken one.
  5. joelife
    Currently in Ft Myers Fla with my 2008 240 Sundancer looking for like minded locals who would like to go out day crusing
  6. boatman37
    boatman37 Custom 75 Ray
    Hello. Where are you in PA? There is a boat in my town that looks like it has been converted to an outboard similar to yours. I'm in Ellwood City.
  7. Fletch
    Fletch SkiPharmer
    Hi SkiPharmer, I have been reading your posts. Did I read that right, you keep your boat in the water all year long in Afton windmill marina? No freezing issues? The reason I ask, is I'm looking for a slip in the area, and just read your post about year round, and curious to hear about your experience? Thanks, Phil
    1. SkiPharmer
      Hey Phil. That’s right. We love it! Where are you located? I can show ya around there sometime. Give me a call or text 651-503-2236
      Nov 27, 2018
  8. Todd M Caldwell
    Todd M Caldwell bbwhitejr
    Here's my Email I wish CSR had a Library for Manuals.

    Thank You

  9. ddmusser
    ddmusser Tabman
    Need help with replacing my old trim tab indicators on my 1985 300 sundancer as they are no longer available through Bennett, what indicators are a direct replacement? Thanks.
  10. srl
    srl Espos4
    Your excellent advice saved from having to bring in a mechanic. Thank you again.
  11. Desert Drifter
    Desert Drifter TheWolfTC
    Hello, Would like if you could either repost the photos from your Westerbeke generator governor change to electronic and send me the parts list. The photobucket link in your previous posts is not working now.
  12. Now&Zen
    Now&Zen M Prod
    I do not have pics or dimensions right now but can get them this afternoon
  13. tugboatjim
    looking for aft cockpit cushions for a 2004 340 sundancer
  14. mpower36
    Closed on my first Sea Ray. Very excited to live the boat life
  15. Motoguy2158
    Snowing. :(
  16. Hannibal
    Hannibal Matt
    Hi Matt, have you still got RL80c update card available, cheers Rory.
  17. William McGuire
    William McGuire
    Purchased 2008 240 Sundeck spring 2018
  18. Jimcen
    Jimcen Mac-Daddy-Minnesota
    Hello saw your post went trough many of the same issues .still looking for the black water gauge not powering up either. I can Send you a few pics of what my boat looks after remodel ..
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    2. Mac-Daddy-Minnesota
      The pics after update would be awesome. I bought a new black water unit. Boat is wrapped so I plan on early spring for the install.
      Nov 27, 2018
  19. Tomco
    Tomco ZZ13
    Hi Bill, we purchased a 2004 420 with the 6CTA engines in Sept and I have been slowly getting thru the 420/44 thread. Saw your post regarding your maintenance schedule - would you be willing to share a copy? my email is
    1. ZZ13
      I just saw your note. I'll be glad to send it.
      Nov 10, 2018
  20. techmitch
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