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  1. trebbel
    trebbel TotallyGross
    Where are you in Baltimore? We are on Middle River.
    1. TotallyGross
      We keep our boat in Pasadena. Are you at BQ Marina?
      Say hi to Capt Don on Baybus.
      Mar 20, 2019 at 3:09 PM
  2. Hully Gully Kevin Reilly
    Hully Gully Kevin Reilly
    99-05 Sea Ray Sun dancer 460 port side glass for sale (NEW)
  3. Hully Gully Kevin Reilly
    Hully Gully Kevin Reilly
    port side glass assembly NOS
  4. Hully Gully Kevin Reilly
    Hully Gully Kevin Reilly
    99-05 Sea Ray Sun dancer 460
  5. Old acient one
    Old acient one
    Hey I have a 1967 sea ray 17 ft srv 170 with a 1985 90 Johnson vro v4 looking for anyone who would know what size prop to put on this engine
  6. btyman11
    btyman11 DjNiki4
    Try these guys for insurance. I was blown away compared to others.
    Maria Reynolds
    SkiSafe – Senior Underwriter
    One Hollow Lane, Lake Success, NY 11042
    Phone# 800-225-6560
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  7. brewster16
    brewster16 dwna1a
    Hi...tell me what you ended up doing about the backlighting on your dash? I cant really read mine at night and read about illumination tape.....your experiences?
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    2. dwna1a
      The company that makes the tape and power pack is in Richmond VA. I will go back and find their name for you tonight
      Mar 18, 2019 at 5:23 PM
    3. brewster16
      Thank you. I'll open up my panel soon and see what's going on back there. I know that seeing my panel at night is almost impossible at this point.
      Mar 19, 2019 at 8:15 AM
    4. dwna1a
      It's not impossible it is a pain. They do sell LED tape, it just the old style lighting tape and its power pack is way to expensive to replace.
      Mar 19, 2019 at 7:56 PM
  8. ggiametta
    ggiametta CSR_Admin
    Is selling boat items allowed on the threads?
  9. mstang64bb
    mstang64bb JUST LOOKIN
    I'm still interested in the Taylor made dock wheel, if it is available.... PM me or email
  10. Carl dalmas
    Carl dalmas
    Keep learning about your boat ! So you can fix it yourself when out at sea no pannick !
  11. David Wallace
    David Wallace TIDALWAVE
    Hello -- I'm a new member and also have a 1997 400 EC. However, I don't have an Owner's Manual... Do you have one for your 400 EC that you could scan and email to me. Much appreciated!
  12. Siboatguy
    Getting ready to un cover the boat..... Looking good,,, Spring is coming!!!!
  13. bhu1360679
    Owner of 1977 Searay Srv 300 sport bridge since 1983. Still love her.
  14. susanandlance
    susanandlance wetpaint
    Hey Wet Paint, I'm looking at a 2007 36 sedan bridge. Is there anything you can point out and any suggestions about the boat. Enjoyed your youtube videos on yours, beautiful boat. Thanks in advance, Lance
  15. crazy diver
    crazy diver
    Does anyone know if the factory pin stripes are available for a 2001 380 aft cabin. looking for the large one that wraps around the transom
  16. Rusted Nut
    Rusted Nut Gofirstclass
    I’d like that spreadsheet.
    Thank you
  17. griff4
    griff4 Mystic Dreamer
    Great, Brian. Just text my cell at 727-269-4660 if you are going out. If we can, we'll meet up with you. Griff. I suspect that we will be out on Sat and Sunday this weekend. Also, I'm retired, so mid week is good for us too.
  18. tallblue52
    thanks for letting me join... Sea Ray 230 Select 350 bravo 3
  19. TikiTease
    She's new to us and we're eager to get her cleaned up and out on the bay!
  20. griff4
    griff4 Todd320
    todd, text us if you are heading out. Next weekend looks good so far. Maybe we can meet up one of these days. Griff. 727-269-4660
    1. Todd320
      Will do. My daughter is singing this weekend, so I think I’m not boating, the following weekend is a wedding. Hopefully after that I’ll get out!
      Mar 6, 2019
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