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  1. Delta Ron
    Delta Ron
    Just now have an issue with starboard fuel tank. Never had an issue before. Guess I'll start with the primary fuel filters.
  2. Ray Jones
    Ray Jones
    Recovering the upholstery in the Cabin. The Vinyl seats are in god condition but the fabric on cushions is terrible. It is like burlap.
  3. Williamginsa
    Just acquired this vintage 1973 Sea Ray! I am hoping you guys can answer my questions and point me towards part sources!
    Looking for help with planing issues.
    Greetings fellow Venture owners. Purchased our 2016 370 in May of 2021. Saw some of the threads about planning. We have the same issue.
  6. John Dobay
    John Dobay
    Haul out for inspection.
  7. Ray Jones
    Ray Jones
    1/16/23 New motor is in and ready to go in the water.
  8. Ralph ferg
    Ralph ferg
    My son and I are working on it and would like to put thru hull exhaust on it next year
  9. JCSquared918
    Wanted: 2006-2009 52 sedan bridge please contact asap!
  10. RJAY
    RJAY roadsailor
    If it has all the poles in good shape and fits a 06 340 with grey windshield inwill take it

    I live in Canada so ups should work for shipping

    What's best payment method?

    Can you confirm dark or light grey and condition of cover

  11. ivan777888
    ivan777888 Panos
    Panos I am interested in the MAN MMDS project you have advertised. Please contact me
    Dec 27, 2022DeleteReportLikeComment
    ivan777888 Panos I am interested in the MAN MMDS project you have advertised. Please contact me

    Good afternoon. That my skype:

  12. Tina
    My 2000 Sundancer 260 won't plane. New to us last summer and won't plane with 22 or 24 props. Is the onboard generator too heavy?
  13. Chris Derby
    Chris Derby
    Bought her Summer of 2022. Love the handling, maneuverability, roominess and bridge sight lines!
  14. RetiredSubGuy
    Enjoying the LIS and BIS boating and fishing! Great community to get involved with!!
  15. Bill Hood
    Bill Hood
    Looking for a swim platorm with pop-up chalks for a tender for a 44 Sedan Bridge
  16. spunner
    water in oil was due to cylinder o-ring failure. rebuilt and all good. now have cracked case on v-drive. always something
  17. HawkeyeDave
    How to access the forward sump on 2001 express bridge. Sump not turning off and access seems impossible. Anyone have experienced this issue?
  18. Jean Luc Lembert
    Jean Luc Lembert Carpediem44DB
    Hi, we are looking at buying a Sea Ray 390 Motor Yacht (still looking), and wondering if she would need to be disassembled for transportation, eg Florida or NJ to San Diego, where we will be
  19. 63.johnson
    1995 370 Sundancer 7.4 V Drives
  20. Panos
    Panos ivan777888
    I am interested in the MAN MMDS project you have advertised. Please contact me
    1. ivan777888
      Jan 12, 2023
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