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    DON SIMMONDS Sammy Hooker
    If I had you email address it is easier to send you some pics. Don
  2. Romano
    have a question of where would be the best location for an in hull mount of a depth transducer?
  3. Romano
    Hello New owner of a clean 2004 searay 280 sundancer
  4. Paul Hughes
    Paul Hughes
    Any queries or questons please flick me an email
  5. Mike Bristol
    Mike Bristol
    185 Sport 4.3L 195 HP - High Elevation Boating @ 5700 ft & 7500 ft - wakeboarding and hydrotherapy.
  6. Deep in Depth
    Deep in Depth
    Our boat is Deep'R in Depth but I can't figure out how to change it in my account settings.
  7. Tom Warner
    Tom Warner SeadawgVB
    Thanks for the advice! Vac worked just as you described !!
  8. Alberto A.
    Alberto A. Manspeaker
    Are the props you have listed still available I am interested ?
    Muscle Shoals has got the Swampers
  10. Steve S
    Steve S
    Waiting for summer to finally arrive...
  11. Steven Naimoli
    Steven Naimoli JimG
    Hi Jim, Looking at your prior posts regarding fuel consumption for the V8-900. "I get 179 liters = 47 gallons, but yes, that's about right as I read the chart." Is this per engine or for both engines?
  12. matt pons
    matt pons Doc O Rock
    Hi Doug, used to work with you years ago at the Ritz. I was a sound guy for Joe and others over the years. Look forward to seeing you out on the lake some day.
    Nice Boat!! :)
  13. Heather Moore
    Heather Moore
    Trying to enjoy downlake Lake Powell
  14. superwa
    superwa CSR_Admin
    Hi there. in the past few weeks the emails with alerts stop having the preview of the post, so now I have to log in every time to see the posts. Is there a setting somewhere where I can change it to seeing the previews again? Thank you.
  15. RS340DA
    RS340DA brewster16
    Mooring cover still for sale? Price? Pictures? Please send pictures to
    1. brewster16
      Yes...I opened it up and took pictures this past weekend. It's in great condition. All snaps in place all vecro in place all hardware including telescoping poles in perfect condition. Pics in my phone. I'll send them to you shortly. Price is $350.00. I live in Philadelphia. I would estimate packaging and shipping to be $ 40.00.
      Jun 12, 2019
  16. BobX
    BobX 1956olds
    Good morning! I have a 94 370 DA with the same configuration for slide-out TV. I want to have a door made like you did. Do you remember the laminate brand and color used on your project? Thanks.
    1. 1956olds
      No i dont ,i had it made by a company that makes cabinets for offices and such.
      Jun 11, 2019
  17. Chris Crownover
    Chris Crownover mrtopgun
    I actually haven’t figured it out yet, it’s interesting the second stereo the road view has to be on for the amp power light to come on
    1. mrtopgun
      614-915-6893 text or call me. Leave VM if get it thanks Michael
      Jun 10, 2019
  18. kootkoot52
    2005 320 Sundancer
  19. 94ray
    why does a 1999 sea ray 330 sundancer cost as much as a or with in $10,000 ish 2003 sea ray 320 sundancer
  20. JimG
    Living the dream!
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