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  1. Ctsearay
    Tired of Supporting the ENTIRE Mercruiser Corporation ALONE
  2. Phil DBourget
  3. Slimcobra
  4. JVM225
    JVM225 Cocktail Time
    Thanks! Let me know what you have. I'm definetly looking for one in brass color. John
  5. JVM225
    JVM225 Cocktail Time
    Hi! I can't post pictures anymore since photobucket changed, but if you give me your email address Imcan send you a picture.
    1. Cocktail Time
      Cocktail Time
      my email is
      Aug 15, 2017 at 9:45 PM
    2. Cocktail Time
      Cocktail Time
      just looked at the cedar key model. That is what I have too. Let me check the box of light fixtures and see if there are any in there.
      Aug 15, 2017 at 9:47 PM
    I am buying a 480 Sedan Bridge. I would like to know what engine is the preferred engine for this boat. The Cats or Cummings. Thanks
  7. Bloody Mary
    Bloody Mary
    I sold the Bloody Mary, May 1, 2017.
  8. MamaBear
    New to boating, eager to learn.
    Just sold my 400 EC. Will miss her, great boat!
  10. JoeTPM
    Son of a Sailor
  11. JMD
    JMD Steve S
    Hi Steve, I'm new to the forums and saw a post of yours from years ago regarding winter storage at Skyway. Do you still keep your boat there in the winter? Suggestions? We are in Belmont Harbor and thinking either Skipper Buds indoor up in Zion, or maybe outdoor at B&E in Michigan City (where we bought the boat - I like the service department there!). Thanks! / Jeff.
  12. JimG
    Working for the weekends!
  13. Seahorse
    Seahorse HUMPH
    Hi Humph - I see on Craigslist a guy selling Lewmar 700 windlasses $450 nib in the Bay area. Seems cheap? I am a newbie here so if this is not the place to post this question please ignore. thankyou
  14. nineeleven
    nineeleven pjv911
    Hey Kurt, did you finally figure out what props size do you need for your 383 strokers? I am doing the same thing right now. thanks

    1. pjv911
      You can contact wildcat propellers in Virginia for my specs. They have the info under my boat name. Halfawake
      If that doesn't work my full name is Kurt Williams.
      I cruise at 31 mph st 4100 rpm.
      26 mph is 3800 rpm
      Topped out I get 40 mph st 5200 rpm.
      However I am getting 25% prop slip so I need a little more tuning to get it optimized but those numbers are a great place to start.
      Aug 14, 2017 at 12:21 AM
    2. pjv911
      I'm also experiencing a 20% higher fuel consumption on my starboard engine so I may be down on performance on that motor. Could be my timing is retarded because I somehow left the distributor loose. I just got back today from a 9 day 430 mile boat vacation and those performance numbers are from that trip.
      Aug 14, 2017 at 12:21 AM
  15. Coastal Boater
    Coastal Boater
    Looking for help in replacing the washer and dryer. Has anyone's done this and if so how do you get the unit out from the cabinet
  16. Dyna12003
    bedding for a searay 55ft stateroom ??
  17. John Leyden
    John Leyden
    Retired Lead Engineer Boeing Corp. 1990
  18. importmonkey
    importmonkey Jaybeaux
    Who did you have do your survey?
  19. pennlar
    Hi my name Larry I am a new member have a 26ft 1984 Sundance with a 350eng it has been out of the water since 2003 I live in Michigan it was winterized then I am trying to decide I want to part it out or fix it up or sell it ?
  20. endless seas
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