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  1. gasketguy
    gasketguy Wylie_Tunes
    Omg awesome this will make life easier! Thank you so much for the response!
  2. gasketguy
    gasketguy Wylie_Tunes
    Hey not to bother you but you seem as the go to guy on the forum. I'm gutting everything old stereo related on .y 96 330 and starting fresh I'm just curious if on boats I can run my 4guage power and ground next to each other
    I know this was a no no in car audio but didnt know if boats are different..if you have s minute for a response o appreciate it!!
    1. Wylie_Tunes
      although there are some substantial differences between car and marine audio, there is absolutely no issue routing audio B+ and B- power cables together.
      Feb 26, 2020 at 8:49 PM
  3. HUMPH
  4. Bronze10
    Dreaming of a searay
  5. QT1
    Praying the travel lift is operational by 1 April!
  6. Bombinha
    Getting ready for blue water
  7. Rogerdog23
    Rogerdog23 SeaJay62
    Hello, I see you have a 240 Sundancer with a 383 engine. I have the same boat and want to upgrade to the 383 engine from my 350. Can you give me an idea of your top speed, as well as cruising speed with rpms and gallons per hour by chance? 26 pitch propeller? I’m assuming it jumps on plane with no effort. Sincerely appreciate any info you can offer!

  8. Katysdad99
    Looking to purchase a new GPS/Fishfinder for my 89' Sea Ray 39 EC twin Caterpillar Diesel 3208 TA.
  9. Woody Woods
    Woody Woods
    Living the dream in Cape Coral Fl
  10. Angle390
    Angle390 Robert DFW

    I am like to upgrade the TV in the salon on our 390MY. I really like the way you mounted yours. Do you have any pictures of the mounting setup? I imagine you had to make a bracket and then figure out the decorative valance that goes around it. Any notes and pictures you will share will be much appreciated.

    Where are you located?

  11. DjNiki4
    DjNiki4 TRLCaptain
    Can you please send me photos and price. . . 973-997-2197 Nick
    1. TRLCaptain
      I'll get some photos this weekend and post
      Feb 14, 2020
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    2. DjNiki4
      how much were you thinking ?
      Feb 17, 2020
  12. Mike Jameson
    Mike Jameson
    Counting down the days!
  13. chuck1
  14. chuckc63
    How do you post / start a conversation in a forum, e.g. engine maintenance?
  15. DagoBy
    Looking for a new/used swim platform for a 1996 450 DA
  16. susanandlance
    susanandlance Maggieiscrazy
    Ok, fair enough, all good......Never been snowbobiling ;)
  17. susanandlance
    susanandlance Maggieiscrazy
    Did you get my message you little prick? Don't talk personal shit about someone you have NO idea what they are going through. Now go install an airconditioner……….. You crossed the line talking about my health condition that you haven't a damn clue about.
    1. Maggieiscrazy
      Yes, I just got your message. I was out snowmobiling with my family all day. And like your invite for me to come down to Florida I personally invite you to come up to northern wi for a weekend of snowmobiling. I’ll buy you a few drinks and we can discuss all the bs we agree on and disagree on.
      Jan 24, 2020
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    2. Maggieiscrazy
      By the way if I went over the line I apologize. And I wish you the best health in the future. And I sincerely mean that.
      Jan 24, 2020
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  18. SteveT
    Did Sea Ray use big block Ford engines in the 1974 Sea ray 300 weekender the engines face the stern and the distributor's do too
  19. AussieTraveler
    Under contract for a Sea Ray 420 Sundancer!
  20. Handsome Transom
    Handsome Transom
    Been focusing on other things and trying not to be in here as much this winter so I dont get the winter blues because my boat still sleeps
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