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    Windshield Vent linear actuator repaired

    Hey thanks for this information....I'm about to do the same. I've already confirmed 12 V power out at the vent window. Is I brought the actuator home and am hoping to breathe life back into it!
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    Before everyone runs out and buys expensive pressure switches......Beware that it is an established fact that the pressure switch is RARELY the culprit. Much more likely duckbills are old, bellows is cracked, O rings on the flush shaft (discussed above), bowl seals....and in my case sanitation...
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    Shore power lights flicker

    That is exactly what I did and now shore power lights are glowing solid green
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    Bikini forum due to popular demand

    Sorry Stray Current.....your taste in women doesn't work for me.
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    New Site Update - Report problems here

    BTW, I'm NOT INTERESTED in everyone's "work around" suggestions for dealing with about just making the site back to the success that it has always been?
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    New Site Update - Report problems here

    Who was the genius that came up with these "changes"??????? Thanks for a crappy user experience on a site that I used to really enjoy! This sucks....
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    CSR...New Look? WHY???

    I've been so used to CSR over the's practically automatic to browse the content and think, react, respond in a very satisfying way. But, just like when all these ads started popping up, it seems there is a new format, layout and font style to distract us. I simply don't understand...
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    Favorite music or artist...

    Little Feat
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    Bud Light

    No Bud Light for me....
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    Hatch Arm Replacement

    I don’t remember. But I’ll find out and get back to you
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    420 DA Thread

    Those are all great AC maintence suggestions. Don’t forget to re-open the seacock if you close any of them!
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    420 DA Thread

    Sea strainers are in the bilge. 2 large ones in the center are your port and starboard main engine. The other 2 are generator and air conditioner pump. All 4 should be checked somewhat regularly for clogged/filled strainer baskets. 3 engines and AC system all depend on good flow of sea water for...
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    420 DA Thread

    Lift up the BACK cushion. There are pins that hold it in place. When lifted the pins will come out of holes and you can then remove the cushion. The bottom rolls forward when the salon table is removed. Note: you do not have to remove back cushion to roll the seat out.
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    If you start me up..

    If those batteries are all new I would seriously consider the battery connection terminals. Make sure each and every connection is free of any crud/grease and make sure each one is tight.