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    1. techmitch
    2. Little Ducky
      Little Ducky
      Just a suggestion. For as many folks redoing their interiors, upholstery, canvas, and flooring...... how about creating a dedicated forum. Thanks
    3. Kieran Long
      Kieran Long
      Can you please tell me how to change my email address and login? Thanks
    4. Michael W
      Michael W
      Hello...any way to change my user name to Michael W if it isn’t too much trouble?
    5. Todd Ingraham
      Todd Ingraham
      I have a 2000, 210 Sundeck it has a 305 Mercruiser, what is the optimal PSI reading supposed to be at cruising speed?
    6. Captain Gary
      Captain Gary
      How do I post a question about my boat to start a thread with the general membership?
    7. Sindbad
      Good Morning - I would like to place my boat for sale on the CSR site. Can you provide brief instructions on posting?

      Thank you.
    8. David Lock
      David Lock
      thanks for having me
    9. Cgrosby
      When do I loose the "New Member" moniker under my name?
    10. Trinity
      I am trying to search and see how to replace my salon tv in our 400 sedan bridge
      have not been on the site in a while and can't seem to search and find anything -
      has anything changed in the way we search
    11. JamesT
      Jim, the auto log out time is so short on this site that I barely have time to write or reply to anything without having to re-log in. And many times, I actually lose what I write in the process. Can it be lengthened or better yet, if you're using the keyboard, the software should sense an active user and not log you out at all. Sorry for the complaint but it's a very annoying thing.
    12. OldSkool
      I asked Scott this and he said I needed to talk with you. A few of our members have asked to buy my special oyster knives. They are hand made and each will be a one off design. I wanted to engrave the owners name and give a modest discount to CSR members. The knife usually sells 150 and I would ask 125 to CSR members.

      The purchaser must be a sponsor member in good standing to get the logo knife. Please see the picture attached of the proposed knife layout.

    13. SeaAyeOwe
      Jim - sent a PM with a request, thank you.
    14. carterchapman
      Hi Jim,

      For the last few days, when I click on "New Posts", it brings up 4 pages of posts that I've already seen. Did something recently change on the site to cause that?
    15. Steve500dancer
      Good afternoon Jim, I would like to change my screen name from Steve340dancer to Steve500dancer if that isn't to much trouble.

      Very much appreciated
      Steve Bone aka Steve340dancet
    16. jemeyedoc
      Good morning, My username is jemeyedoc and would like to change to EYEDOCK. I enjoy your site. Thanks for your help. John
      Good Morning Jim,
      I cannot see any more advertising on the site is it my browser that is preventing this or is there an issue; since I am going to submit a banner to avertise my company I would like to know. Thank you, Charles (tecnografic)
    18. Havana Shamrock
      Havana Shamrock
      Hello, yesterday i had posted a thread on 9/11, I see I may have posted it in the wrong category, it's under "general". Could you move it to the tiki forum please? Thank you in advance. Joe.
    19. Lujo68
      Hi Jim, my name is Lou and I joined CSR yesterday and was recommended by a member here by the username of "Midway". When I registered I did not know his username and was unable to list him as the one who told me about this site. Anyway I was hoping maybe you could find a way to change that and add his name as the person who recommended me. It wasn't until I joined that I realized who he was on here so my apologies. Any help would be appreciated. Btw, I love the site and going through threads learned a few things already as I am new to boating, met some really nice members on here too. I happily plan to be an active member.

      All the best and thank you,
      ~Lou (Lujo68)
    20. Ray 40
      Ray 40
      I would like to change my site name from 'Ray 40' to 'Bud Ray' but do not know how to do this...please explain

      Thanks, Bud Goad
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