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    380 salon/cabin flooring

    I like that deep cherry color in #9288 what product/color is that?
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    Coolant Loss 3116 Cat

    I would start ruling things out first. Get your hands on several CAT SOS kits and take samples of the coolant and engine oil. The will be able to quickly identify any cross contamination, and help point to the issues, or if fluid changes are warranted. Any history of salt water use? Any idea...
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    Pellet grill recommendations?

    Are you set on a pellet grill? If just looking for something to do low and slow and HOT in one device, you can't beat a Big Green Egg or a Kamado Joe, and they are stupid simple and very effective. They go from 200* to 800*+, and can smoke, grill, rotisseri and do pizza quite effectively in a...
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    Official Caterpillar3116/3126 Thread

    Drain it cold. If it's hot, it will be under pressure, and will burn the hell out of you if you get it on you. Same thing with checking the expansion tank on the engine. Don't open while hot.
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    Westerbeke genny; Sea Ray Breaker issue

    What year is your boat? Engines? Genny make model? I have not looked at the schematic but typically there are some things like stereo memory and bilge pumps that are direct to the battery such that they always operate regardless of the battery switch/solenoids on/off status. Doubt its a bad...
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    The Grim reaper strikes. Official death thread

    Jimmy used to sell out 3, 4 or 5 concerts in a row at Riverbend back when I lived in Cincinnati. I’d make most of them on the boat (you could hear the music and see the Jumbotron from the water) and you could almost walk across the Ohio River by jumping boat to boat. Man was it a party...
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    Looking for a used 11kw diesel generator

    There is a guy on Ebay selling used Westerbekes. I think he is out of SC. But could you be a little more specific about what "cooked" means? As Orlando stated a new back end is pretty easy. A new engine might also be found or rebuilt as most of these Westerbekes are just Mitsubishi...
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    Official Caterpillar3116/3126 Thread

    For the rubber exhaust hose, lots of heat from a heat gun (get the rubber so hot its almost smoking) and a lot of soapy water or lube. Not enough info to tell why your not getting full RPM, but cable would be first thing to look at it.
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    Official Caterpillar3116/3126 Thread

    I thought the original gauges were teleflex 80-240 and to sender itself is available from CAT.
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    Automatic trim tab control

    Following. I was considering Mente as a dock neighbor was selling a system he never installed before selling. Another dock neighbor snapped it up and has been happy with it although it's a on a 44 and may not get the workout it would a 26. Curious about the GPS feature on the Lenco...what...
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    Light to play cards in the cockpit

    The arch lights are OK for the front of the cockpit, but not enough light back over the cockpit table. Hanging these Rail2's over the table made everything bright/usable and no shadows. And without replacing batteries every weekend. I have an assortment of Walmart camping lights that I hung...
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    Light to play cards in the cockpit

    I tried a bunch of cheapie lights, but the best solution was to hook 2 x Lumitec Mini Rail Lights in RGBW up in series with the existing lights in the arch (also Lumitec Shadow RGBW). I did a "temporary" install by mounting them to a 1x2 and hanging it from the camper back stay. I intended to...
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    Westerbeke 7.0kw gas generator - sheen at start up

    Recheck your impeller. I get what looks like black soot when my impeller looses a vane. Can happen regardless of hours.
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    Official Caterpillar3116/3126 Thread

    If you just filled up and no change in exhaust color, I would think racors first thing. Racor make a vacuum gauge T handle that allows you to see a fuel filter restriction without opening them up. I installed a pair a while back and take a peek when checking fluids. While the primer pump...
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    Clarion XMD1 and XM665 6 CD Changer

    Stuff is long gone Sorry