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  • Firerooster,
    I own a 1996 Sea Ray 240 Overnighter. I noticed in your pictures, you changed your bow rail. Was that difficult? Where did you get the new rails? The old high rise rail makes the boat look less sporty. I like how your looks. Thanks.
    Hey bro, got some pics of some new items I want to put in the classifieds,but don't know how,any chance if I e-mailed them to you you could run them for me,these came about after I made myself a set, everyone thats seen them wants some, the ones in the pics are a set for my B.I.L.'s crownline. I keep a tray under the drivers seat for wet ropes,one in front of my holding tank to keep stuff dry and one that hangs in the motor compartment for little stuff. I'm gonna call them Boatrays,let me know if you can do that for me,I've lost my e-mail address since I sold OLV and the computer is gonna go in this week (I think) for a clean out of all the stuff I don't need anymore. I'll get the pictures loaded then and will get back to you if that's cool, DAN

    Question for you on the 240 OV handling characteristics. I had mine out for her first run this afternoon and had some buddies with me. The one guy owns a 280 Sundancer. When were at cruising speed I trimmed the drive out and it was registering halfway on the trim gauge (between full up and down) and picking up speed nicely. My buddy started yelling at me to trim it back down...that I shouldn't go past the first line (first increment from trim all down) according to what a mechanic told him.

    How far do you trim out when you're at cruise speed?

    Thanks in advance.

    Mark (Jughed)
    Thanks for the invite and contact info Rooster...I appreciate it!

    The boat is being brought to my marina on Wednesday....can't wait.
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