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Nov 4, 2009
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May 18, 1960 (Age: 58)
Senior Project Manager - Building Hospitals

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Well-Known Member, 58, from SF BAY AREA

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Jan 16, 2019 at 9:49 AM
    1. Steve Franklin
      Steve Franklin
      Hey Humph, just got tru watching a piece on 60 minutes on a tower in SF that's leaning, is that common knowledge ?
    2. joelife
      Hi there, I am planing to trailer my 240 Sea Ray Sundancer to San Francisco next May to do the Delta for a number of days. Any tips on where to put it in the water and a safe place to leave the truck and trailer?
      I am a member if a small yacht club here in San Diego which may or may not have reciprocal rights.
      1. HUMPH
        Try Riverpoint Marina in Stockton. Close to Interstate 5 and pretty secure.
        Sep 7, 2017
    3. Seahorse
      Hi Humph - I see on Craigslist a guy selling Lewmar 700 windlasses $450 nib in the Bay area. Seems cheap? I am a newbie here so if this is not the place to post this question please ignore. thankyou
    4. Steve Franklin
      Steve Franklin
      Hey Ken, looks like you are in high rise construction, from your time lapse post. I'm a retired elevator constructor. What trade are you in? Steve
    5. tmc209
      Hi Ken, I think you said you were headed to the SF boat show today. Would you kindly PM me when you see it? I am reading some posts saying that there is very little in the way of boats on the water - I want to look at larger boats, I'm not interested in trailer boats and if there isn't much I don't think I want to drive over tomorrow.

      Thanks a million! Have a good time today!
    6. garmett
      Ken,.....Garmett here from SROC you seem to be very happy happy with the Frolic system?
    7. Bruce LaChance
      Bruce LaChance
      Hump, Any tricks on accessing the panel to get to the 30 A breaker? Thanks
    8. NauticalLumber
    9. Pineapple Girl
      Pineapple Girl
      who'd you use for your engine survey? We are looking at a Sundancer in Alameda Saturday and the buy who works on our diesels on our trawler I don't think is a good choice to look at an I/O?? thanks!
    10. beachnut
      Thanks for the Navionics I am going to checking to it. Gus
    11. beachnut
      How do you like your IPAD and do you have the nav apps or any of the other boater related apps?
    12. Bodkin Creek George
      Bodkin Creek George
      How's your bow rail repair coming. My guy came by last night with the welder and some argon gas. Got it all welded up and bolted down. He's coming to the house tonight to polish it up. Total cost of repair is $575.00. I guess I can't complain sisce I never had to leave the house with the boat.
      He did it all at my dock.
    13. Bodkin Creek George
      Bodkin Creek George
      Ok. Just got the bolts off. I removed the TV and the slide tray. Removed the access panel for the 11OV recept. Removed the left silver bracket that the panel screws to so I would not cut my arm. Had the wife hold the screws up top with a #3 phillips. Used a short 3/8 drive rachett with a 7/16 deepwell socket. Took off nuts and washers and pushed the bolts up while they were screwed out from the top.
    14. HUMPH
      I paid $900 for engine & genset survey and had the full survey as well. I just had her hauled & bottom painted, repaired & tuned 1 prop, installed some isenglass and I am cruising it to her berth this weekend!
    15. Havana Shamrock
      Havana Shamrock
      hey, thats a pretty awesome price in my area i know 2003's are selling for $104,000-$129.000 we paid a lot less than that, just make sure you get a survey done especially engine liquids tested its worth the money you never know and dont believe "ANYONE" ask for referrals not from the "owner" obviously I paid $20 per foot and $50 for liquids (they were sent to the caterpiller plant) they have the equip to test for metals etc. on the oil . he also did a moisture test on the entire hull with a meter the survey took two days so be patient were talking about spending alot of$$$$$$ here Haha congrats and good luck with her send pics!!!

    16. Havana Shamrock
      Havana Shamrock
      hey, we got our boat out of a wicked divorce (lucky us!!) the guy wanted to dump it after a survey we hammered him with a very low offer and he took it the same day i hope you have the same luck we love our boat and so does our family and all our new friends!! we didnt know we had haha the boat has been flawless so far and its 7 yrs old very dependable and well built boat keep me updated with yours joe
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    May 18, 1960 (Age: 58)
    Senior Project Manager - Building Hospitals
    Boat Info:
    2003 410DA,
    2004 C14 Caribe
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    Sea Ray
    CAT 3126TA's 350HP/
    50HP Honda
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