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    48 DA Owners Club

    Reason I ask is I have a buddy who took one off a 65' yacht that was installed in 2020 and I can have it complete for $5k. I just don't think this will work on my boat as it looks like his was bracketed to the transom and and integrated swim step to support it. Where as on the 48 you only...
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    48 DA Owners Club

    Any pics of the bracket assembly on the hard. What to see it mounted to the stern.
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    48 DA Owners Club

    Can you post some pics of the dinghy on the freedom lift. How does the boat ride with it on that far back? Any pics of the lift out of the water?
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    48 DA Owners Club

    yes they are solid wood. The trick is getting them out. They appear to be nailed and glued in place. I have a few doing the same cloudy look to the finish. I think it will require masking and re-finishing in place.
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    2007 48 Sundancer Salon AC unit

    So does that whole wood panel come off then or you remove the unit from the bedroom once you get the hoses off?
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    The Official 450 Express Bridge Owners Club

    Here found this on yacht auctions site.
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    Helm Seat Pedestal Upgrade Time NOW!!

    I ended up with these from a super yacht. Gladly sell for a couple hundred bucks each.
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    Cockpit Upholstery Ideas - Photos Wanted

    My guy wanted to get away from the pillow / rounded look and go more modern edges. I am happy with it definitely makes the boat look newer. In Florida I have to stay white colors just too hot.
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    480 DB Owners Club

    Hey guys need some help on my buddies 2003 48DB. All the port side outlets and power are down. Breaker is on and test fine with power passing through it. where is the hidden GFI I am guessing on the port side? Looked all around but no luck. Any help appreciated... Also how do you get that...
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    Looking For Mountfairy hatch Latch…

    pic would help?
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    2024 Bahamas Eleuthera Extended Fling - Get ready to have a bucket list trip of fun

    If you missed these in the past now is your chance to join us for the Extended Fling this year 10 days in the Bahamas traveling to Harbor Island in Eleuthera. Passing through the famous "Devils Backbone". Save the date right now as we are getting into our final planning July 8-19 More to...
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    Welcome Back.....
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    Thats great news... I still have the one that was installed in the 3d printed mount if someone wants it I will sell it cheap. Now that I have the marine unit I am not going back.
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    Cleaning the "mascara" marks off fiberglass.

    use some meguiars cleaner wax on a micro fiber and the black marks come right off. Plus you are coating the fiberglass with new wax to prevent it again.
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    Away from the boat for one Month

    I switched to this one as it is a real unit with a compressor, not just a fan blowing over a cold plate. Drains right into my sink.