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    Looking for a video on how to test and measure stray voltage in water

    I believe a voltage meter will work but not comfortable where to ground given marine outlets. Also, I read where a level of 1/2 volt or more is a problem. Thanks
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    replacing rutter stuffing

    Thanks Skybolt. I'll follow up with results from tightening and hopefully it will slow the leakage.
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    replacing rutter stuffing

    Thanks,, away from the boat until Thursday, so, can't shoot/post pic until then. Almost certain its equipped with a stuffing box though.
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    replacing rutter stuffing

    Thanks. Yeah must be a hose or thru hull, hard to diagnose and been doing it for a couple years.
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    replacing rutter stuffing

    Thanks guys. Maybe it’s something else that’s leaking. Nothing stands out and just had the shaft seals replaced
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    replacing rutter stuffing

    Thanks again. I'm curious how much leakage is normal for the rudders. I seem to get a couple gallons after a few hours
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    Spark plug wires replacement for 8.1 Horizon big block

    Does anyone know if there is a reasonably priced replacement source for these? Thanks!
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    replacing rutter stuffing

    Thanks ZZ. I may try this option now as a stop gap until end of season. Appreciate it and nice looking boat you have there!
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    replacing rutter stuffing

    Thanks Golfman, yeah, tightened 2 years ago, but that's the only time.
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    replacing rutter stuffing

    I've never done this and the boats 15 years old. They weap and I assume are letting in a fair amount of water based on what I see in the bilge. Has anyone done this and how hard is it? Can it be done in the water?
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    Dual horn -replacement needed

    Recommend you put that cover back on and forget about replacing with the same unit. Then buy yourself an electric dual trumpet horn. Run the wiring, and a push button switch and drill holes to mount somewhere convenient.They sell them pretty inexpensively and sound and look great.
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    Lip seal replacement on V Drive shafts 350/370 Sundancer

    Had a 2 man crew just finish this up. These guys are master Mercruiser/Searay mechanics so, they knew what they were doing. Also replaced the Cutlass bearings. This was quite a job, remove props, shafts, saw off the old bearings, re-align engines as over time they had shifted by @ 1/4 inch. All...
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    Caulk recommendations for bow windows

    This will be my 3rd time re-caulking my top side windows. Eventually the caulk fails (4-5 years in) and leaks into cabin during rain. The design is such that the glass lays flat so water tends to pool around the glass when it rains. Any recommendations on a good glass caulk? I believe it has to...