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  • YW and Same Here John... We had a great time and it is a great group of people. Hope to see you guys soon and good luck with the new boat.
    Hi Ron & Wendy, Holly and I had a good time meeting you guys last night you are great people. And thanks for all the introductions you, brought us right into the flotilla. Stay warm and see you on the water!
    Ron, i sent you a text, earlier i dont think we can do patchogue at 6 am. That means i would have to leave lindenhurst before 5am. I definately want to travel in a group if we're going out the MI. We dont have to worry so much about the tides . Then stop at Shinnecock for fuel then back out to MYC if all is ok, plus check in time is at 12 noon why get there at 10 am? Let me know if i'm going alone. Thanks Ron.
    Ron, hello I'm trying to plot a course for MYC to run on the inside. I'm looking at the tides they are: Moriches bay: H= 6:30am. L=1227 pm
    Shinnecock. H=8:28 am. L=3:21 pm If we leave Lindenhurst at say, 9am we'll be in Moriches around 10:15-10:30 am i'm figuring, and Shinnecock around, 11:15. 11:30, I'm trying to figure out what time everyone is planning to meet up and leave? The estimates are 93 miles at approx, 24 mph = almost 4 hrs. Let me know what the others are planning . Also what is the range of your boat with a full tank of gas?
    Ok talk to you later.
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