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  • Hi Rob, Looking for a little help on my DE461 fridge, on a 2003 380 Dancer. I have the unit out, but still connected. Noticed some green coloring and some sort of liquid has dropped onto (and stained) the back of the unit from the copper tube at the top, at the point just past where it transitions from inside to outside. Compressor runs, gets warm, but not hot. Inside gets slightly cool to the touch at best. Any ideas? I've seen about every post on these "NeverColds" and know the general feeling is to upgrade to Ventfrigio or similar, but if I can get it working with freon charge or circuit board replacement, I'll probably go that route, just due to cost & effort involved in a swapout. Any help appreciated - THX in advance.
    Hey Rob, did you ever get those zinc part numbers from your mechanic?

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