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    My SeaDek Has Arrived!

    I cut the wrap this week and will get some pics up today. It's a great product, looks incredible, and I get tons of questions and compliments all the time.
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    Wanted: Bow Seat Fillers Support/Cushion - 2001 SR 230BR Signature

    I thought I had the support and filler cushions for this boat last year and have turned my house upside down looking for them. I lost, misplaced or never had them when I bought the boat. I'm blonde too. Looking for the bow support and filler cushions for our 2001 SR 230BR Signature. Any...
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    Waxing ... Polishing ... Yada, Yada

    I think that's what I am going to do. I really don't want to screw anything up, just enhance and protect. I also want to save a few bucks and gain some pride. Last year when I got compliments on the wax/shine it was nice, but how much better will it be after I have done it myself?! :-)
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    The new toy. 1993 SEA RAY 500 Sundancer Express Cruiser

    Wayne, if you can do it, go for it and good for you! Now ... we need pictures of you on her when you get it back to your side of the lake. :-)
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    Waxing ... Polishing ... Yada, Yada

    What "rotary" should I look into? You don't think the DA will be good enough to maintain what I already have?
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    Waxing ... Polishing ... Yada, Yada

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I did do a search and read heavily on it last season, and to be honest, it's a subjective subject with lots of opinions and I get very confused reading everyone's remedies. Last season I took it to someone to wax and polish at $10/foot. I chose the ShurHold...
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    New Sea Ray owner!

    Congtrat's and welcome!
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    Waxing ... Polishing ... Yada, Yada

    Since my boat is small enough, I am going to start waxing it myself this year and am going to buy a ShurHold Dual Action Polisher... The question I have for the...
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    I write this heavy hearted a huge loss

    Prayers, peace and blessings. So sorry for your loss.
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    My SeaDek Has Arrived!

    It would depend on the type of material you ordered. The Faux Teak would look funny not finished.
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    My SeaDek Has Arrived!

    I will look for some pictures Charlie. If I can't find them, I am cutting the wrap next week, so I will take some then. As for the vents, you create the template from which the pads will be made with a kit they send you. You can just trace around the vents if you wish and have cut-outs for...
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    Winterizing Question - I know it's in the wrong area but no traffic under Winterizing

    Re: Winterizing Question - I know it's in the wrong area but no traffic under Winteri I think we're wondering why you cleaned up the crime scene before talking to the place that did the work? if you had found a problem after you started the engine, you would have been left to pay for the...
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    Deposit question...

    Good plan and you are a good man. I really don't see this as a "she wears the pants in the family" situation. A good relationship is based on making decisions together. I would not make any decision if my wife wasn't by my side in agreement. I see both sides of this, and if you're traveling on...
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    Getting My 2006 205 Sport Friday!

    Welcome aboard! Don't forget to post some pics!
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    New to the Club but not Sea Rays