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    T-Mobile hot spot

    I tried buying the "home internet gateway" which is what I think is referred to in this thread. Asks you for address and every address I try it says that 5G is unavailable in my area and to try back in a few months. Several in my marina have this and are happy with the reception. Somehow they...
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    Bring a Trailer (BAT) Thread

    Lately the minimum reserve set by BAT and Cars & Bids is surprisingly low. Lots of potential sellers are not listing their cars. You want 30k and they want the reserve set to 21k. That's a huge difference. Must be a sign of the times?
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    Zeus podos - maintenance

    Is it still recommended to stay away from the Gen 1 Zues pods?
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    CSR has become almost unusable for me

    I was moderately unproductive when this site was fast but when its slow it takes it to a whole other level. I should just put in my request for PTO now.
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    CSR has become almost unusable for me

    Slow this am, then fast for a few hours and now back to brutally slow.
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    2007 500 Sundancer MAN R6-800

    Answered on the facebook groups. It'll be a fast boat, 25knts+ at cruise. GPH is directly proportional to knts!! I'm thrilled with my 50 and QSM package, especially now that absolutely everything is sorted out but of course I wonder what it would be like to push it and cruise at 27knts like...
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    Official Cummins QSM11 Thread

    Estimate for after cooler removal and cleaning, adjust valves and replace belt? Thinking I might have this stuff done in the off season.
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    Prop Demand Data vs. Actual Fuel Data - LONG

    5 blade that would be a fun experiment. I'm most familiar with the 3 vs 4 blade debate and always went with 4 blade.
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    So let's hear about and see your cars.

    Asking $43,500. ’07 Porsche Carrera 4S Detail VIN: WP0CB29977S775687 Options CO2 USA delivery XSC Porsche Crest Embossed in Headrest 026 Silver Colored Instrument Dials, Stopwatch (Chrono) 267 Self Dimming Mirror 342 Seat Heaters (Left & Right) 437 Comfort Seat (Left) Electronically...
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    So let's hear about and see your cars.

    Found a really nice and completely redone 300zx Twin Turbo. If I can pull this off it'll be the 4th one I've owned. By far my all time favorite car from my teenage years.
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    So let's hear about and see your cars.

    Time to move on to my next toy. My 07 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet 6sp manual is for sale.
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    2004 Sea Ray 420 Sedan Bridge FS

    Just curious...what do you see for cruise speeds and GPH? These are the mechanical 450 engines?
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    420/44 DB Owners Club

    I remember a run of bad shafts back in the early 2000s. Friends repowered two 31 Bertram boats and both suffered broken shafts. Must have been a bad lot number?
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    2004 Sea Ray 420 Sedan Bridge FS

    Must.Resist.Urge.To.Immediately.List.My.Boat.With.Broker. Love this boat!!!!!
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    Hurricane Idalia

    Just dropped my oldest off at University of Tampa. Welcome to FL kiddo!