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  • Given that this is only allowing me 420 characters, I will include my email here so that we can converse:
    10 years ago, I see that you, via your posts, encountered the colossal challenge I am having currently, the dreaded......"POURED SYSTEMS MONITOR".

    Curious how you solved that problem and would be grateful to know what you did.

    I was recommended to you, I lost a deck vent cover for my 2004 Sundancer 280 (starboard side, part# 1473743). Are you able to re produce this cover? Thanks In advance for any assistance!
    Hi, Sorry, I just saw this. My fiberglass guy retired but, there is a member on here that set up the injection mold for these covers & produces them in the UK. His name is Tony Clark. Let me know if you have trouble tracking him down..
    Hi Todd,
    I'm new here, I'm trying to repair the sliding door but i don't know how to remove the shroud, could you please help me with some pictures? I can't find your album.
    Thank you.
    Hi, Sorry, I just saw this. I'm guessing that you figured it out?
    Looking for a replacement transom locker door for 2001 310. Any suggestions???
    Hi Murf,
    My only suggestion would be to do what I did for my vent cover. Find someone that will let you borrow theirs to make a mold then reproduce yours from that. A good fiberglass guy can get it done. Good luck!
    Hi Todd
    I'm looking for 773051 cover hull vent 330DA 1998
    Someone here said you might know someone reproducing them.
    Thanks if you can help.
    I responded on the thread that you posted on from last year. Sorry I couldn't be more help. I will try & get the molds from my guy. I have a family member in auto body who could probably get it done. It wouldnt be soon though.
    Mike Steinmetz
    Thanks - I missed your post. New here and still having some trouble navigating the site. I spoke with someone at FPMarine yesterday. They have had so many requests that they are thinking of reproducing them too. Maybe you can team up with them?
    Todd I have the finger,spring and stud removed .Is there anything else you need from the windless? Shoot me an email at with where you want this shipped . Thanks
    I think that is all! Thanks!! I'll email my address.
    Hey Todd this is joe was just wondering if you knew what happed to Jonathan he has been inactive for some time On this forum and his inbox is full just wondering if everything is OK and if you see him at the rendezvous just let them joe with the 33 express cruiser was asking about him Hope all is well with you guys hopefully we can meet up one day at the flotilla or next years rendezvous
    Warm regards
    Joe Spadafina
    I was wondering if you had any luck locating the album in reference to fixing the sliding door? I've been away so i may have missed your response?
    So glad to hear from you-to hear that great news-'oh for the grace of God go I'- we are thinking of all your friends that may need some help- please let us know what we may do-once again keep a good thought
    Thanks for asking. We are well. Basic inconvienence of no electric and no internet. Didn't even have cell service at home until about noon today. Tethering through my phone for now. I'm glad I have directv as I believe cable will be out a while. Family, House & boat came through unscathed! Now there is a gas shortage that may curtail my generator usage. Oh well, this too shall pass!
    Hi Todd-Are you and your family safe? Been thinking of you thru out the storm surge-hope everything is ok-keep a good thought
    yo!! loud mouth,,, wanna join us in bringing the new boat home ? if everything checks out ok??? the plan is: on monday to do the first part of the survey April,2 nd, then return to boston later to do the sea trial ( when they can get the boat out of the warehouse) , then they transport the new girl to Newport RI for me and we take her from there to Long Island, fire Isalnd Inlet...the "CREW SO FAR" is: my dad(cool) son 25 yrs old (cool) buddy(sea ray owner 240 weekender) bud(sea ray 320 owner(cool) ME!!!! COOL!!!!! and ah You!! not sooo, Cool!!! love to have ya please join my family in welcoming the new addition to our Family Todd??? prob saturday morning during April
    Todd, if your still going with Paul , are you guys going alone or meeting up with others? I'd like to go with other boats , I believe Ron is meeting me so we can go together, and i believe Gerard also, let me know what your plans are if you could. Thanks talk to you soon joe.
    Todd, I was not joking! It would be great to meet someone from the CSR here in Rome!!! I will probably be in the USA in september and I want to find the time to meet someone of you!!


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