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    Anchor Storage Fitment - 2005 185

    Thanks for all the suggestions. It’s interesting to see everyone’s preference. I ended up with a 8lb Lewmar (LEWHKG-S8) fluke style. It’s designed for smaller anchor lockers and fits well in this boat.
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    Anchor Storage Fitment - 2005 185

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I will take a look at the Delta.
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    Anchor Storage Fitment - 2005 185

    I need a new anchor, the one that came with this boat is a navy anchor. I’m looking at fluke style anchors. Typically the bottom is mud/sand where I am. Anyone know what size anchor fits in the anchor storage area in the bow? I want to make sure whatever I get will fit in the storage compartment.
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    Smart Tabs on a 185

    A bigger boat would be the best solution. I’m partial to the size of this boat for easy garage storage and towing. I have a 28ft pontoon I leave slipped during the season. I just use the 185 to travel around to other bodies of water occasionally. With the Smart Tabs keeping the bow down...
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    Smart Tabs on a 185

    Just to follow-up for anyone in the future. I emailed Nauticus to see what they are recommending for my application with the curved transom. They recommend SXL957-60 which are a low profile model.
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    Anti-freeze will break your block!

    I winterized my 2005 4.3 this past weekend. I removed the 5 blue plugs and probed each passage with a stiff wire. After that I pulled the thermostat off and there was about 1/2” of water in the bottom of the intake. Pulling the square plug on the intake drains the remainder of the intake...
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    Bellow Change and Gear Oil Hose

    I’m going to soon tackle changing the bellows and related items on my 2005 185. I’ve read that the plastic gear oil fitting that passes through the transom is very brittle and easy to break. Is it better to try to remove the gear oil hose from the bell housing and reuse the original hose or take...
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    Sea Ray Express Cruiser 1999 5.0 Manifold ?

    I recently went with Barr manifolds as replacements. Included the gaskets and hardware. They are made in Virginia, hard to find these days.
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    Freeze-proofing 4.3, 195 Sport

    Does anyone remove the drain plug on the front of the intake manifold ?
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    Gimbal Bearing press fit?

    Did you measure the O.D. of the old bearing and compare it to the new one?
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    Gimbal Bearing press fit?

    Are you using an OEM or aftermarket replacement bearing?
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    Smart Tabs on a 185

    Do you see much of an improvement with the adjustable electric tabs vs the Smart Tabs?
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    Smart Tabs on a 185

    I have been considering adding Smart Tabs to my 2005 185. The hull slap that occurs in choppy conditions is what I’m trying to ease. Can anyone with Smart Tabs comment if they helped with rough conditions?
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    Engine stumbles when gradually given throttle - 3.0L

    I purchased a 1998 180BR 3.0L in February, I started it up the other day after an impeller change for the first time since I bought it. It started right up and idled as it should. After it was warm I gave it gradual throttle and it stumbled and stalled. I tried a few more times and each time I...