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    Cool fuel module needed on the port 8.1 engine.

    Can the muffler remain in place or does it have to be removed in order to change out a Gen 3 cool fuel module on the port motor. ALSO,does the exhaust manifold have to be removed. Any tips on this would be greatly appreciated.
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    Any Pros and Cons are Appreciated - Looking to buy 2002 320 DA 350/300 V-Drives

    I owned an 04 320 with the 350 mags. The boat will cruise at 3500 rpm, however, the performance will increase if you change from the standard 3 blade props to 4 blade 18x18 DQX.(They need not be nibral.) the boat will jump out of the water quicker, and performance will be 1 mph less at the top...
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    Can you check the transmission fluid level when the transmission is cold?, Is dextron iii ATF the proper fluid to use/fill the transmission?
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    Fuel filters on a 340 DA

    I just replaced my fuel filters on my 340 DA. ($$$) I have two(2) questions 1. I have seen the filters on the web for $ 20 a set, has any one used these?are they any good? if so, can you tell me what ones that you purchased? 2. Can I just install a remote spin on water separating filter to the...
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    Key Pads

    I'm having issues with my port key pad. The pad is intermittent, and as such does not allow the engine hatch to be operative. I have been in touch with a company called Blink marine which sells the pads (kidney style) but you have to purchase both pads at a cost of $1500. Has anyone purchased...
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    Looking for Actuator

    Aculift is now called QMI group, they can be found on the web, they are still in buisiness. Call and leave a message thats how i reached them. They are in Canada with a location in the carolinas also.
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    Hatch relay

    I own a 06 340, the port kidney pad is malfunctioning so im going to jump the existing relay, and,install a switch to lift the hatch. After looking at the wiring diagram for this year boat i can't locate if there exists another relay (Other than the one shown in the wiring diagram.)that brings...
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    Aft EIM security bit

    Ok i fiund it its called a y bid
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    Aft EIM security bit

    Does anyone know the name of the screw bit used to removevthe bilge EIM screws.
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    Auxillary hatch switch

    I have an 06 340 Sea Ray, has anyone wired an auxillay switch to lift the engine hatch, if so can you describe how itvwas done.
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    Looking for a 320 or 340

    A 320 MAY have 6.2's most have 350 MAGS, I owned one with the 350's to make that boat preform properly the props have to be changed to 18x18 DQX.( I did that and the outward response is significant.) The 340 will not have 6.2's most have 8.1's I would caution anyone purchasing a 340 with 6.2's
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    340 hatch not opening

    How did you wire that aux switch, I might have to do the same thing. I have been in touch with Digital Marine Services and Blink Marine. Digital Marine has a nicer looking pad with a 1 year warranted, Blink has a two year warranted, but not as nice looking. At any rate if I have to replace the...
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    340 hatch not opening

    To answer the question on profile, i own an 06 340 sea ray on Long Island NY, 350 hours white hull with 8.1s. I have power to the key pads however my port key pad is not allowing the engine hatch to open. I want tovsend power to the ECM in the bildge to see if it operates the rams, if it does i...
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    340 hatch not opening

    Is there a way to jump wires under the helm sobthat i can kift my hatch?
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    06 340 Sea Ray hatch lift relay

    Thanks, I will look for it. The 06 parts manual does not list it anywhere, and there is no part # for it. I have called several Marinemax dealerships, and there isn't anyone that knows where it is located. Also, I called Sea Ray and they stated that they no longer give tech support for any boat...
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    06 340 Sea Ray hatch lift relay

    I need to replace two (2) rams on my 340 . I have found a replacement for the Acculift made by Thompson Linear Part # DM12-10A5-18SS. Does anyone know where the hatch relays are located, just in case I have to replace them?
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    Hatch actuators

    Sea Ray part # 1766064. The actuator is making a crackling sound when lifting the hatch, I saw that Harden Marine has an actuator #620-922018, the same travel,buy slightly less closed value. Has anyone used these?, or are there any recommendations on units that can replace the SR units. SR lift...
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    Main Distribution Panel in the 340 DA

    Thanks Kevin