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  1. ttmott

    Anybody here with multiple business locations?

    What's unfortunate these days is bonuses for performance become a problem with those that under-perform; it's just the way young people are these days. Our business model as an engineering firm can't be compared to retail so this is an opinion based upon the quirks of employees. First is the...
  2. ttmott

    Couple cruising the Caribbean for winter murdered.

    The sky's falling! 20,000 boaters visit the Bahamas each year with few incidents. If you act like a fool in places you shouldn't be, you'll get tagged - that's just the way it is anywhere. I have been taking my boats over there for years without a worry. We've been in areas where the little...
  3. ttmott

    Funny Shit

    3 Gin and Tonics minimum before taking this in -
  4. ttmott

    First Trip Bimini Late June 2024

    On a nice weekend there's a lot of traffic between Ft Lauderdale and Bimini - someone always within VHF range for a lending hand or relay back for a tow (worst case) or to buddy over. Conversely, that stretch of water on the banks to Chub is a lot of nothing and not a lot of traffic -...
  5. ttmott

    Question for the Garmin Autopilot Boys?

    I'm all in for whistles and bells but when those add-on's adversely impact the root function and user interface it reduces the user's confidence in the system. When Software development colludes with Marketing and on the sidelines Engineering's hair is on fire there are always negative...
  6. ttmott

    Question for the Garmin Autopilot Boys?

    There must be a world, change that - Universe, of difference in the Garmin avionics line - no way would any of this occur with aircraft electronics.
  7. ttmott

    58 Sedan Bridge Official Thread

    Yup - fishing outrigger. Or, part of a BBQ mount.
  8. ttmott

    A bilge pump is a bilge pump? Or so I thought...

    I look at bilge pumps (and floats) essentially as a limited life disposable item. They get checked about twice a year and if making noise or other issues pop in goes another. Get the least expensive one. And the automatic ones? Pfft...
  9. ttmott

    Vessel View 1.5 replacement

    Yup - I have the VV 8M0070647 adapter harness and the 8M0071222 Vessel View 7 Harness. The only thing I don't see is the air temperature sensor.
  10. ttmott

    Vessel View 1.5 replacement

    I'm pretty sure I have the harness that connect to the VV 7 also. I'll check.
  11. ttmott

    Vessel View 1.5 replacement

    I have an extra VV 7 that you are welcome to try. You'll have to come up to Merritt Island to borrow it. The guys at Shearwater (Bobby knew the Cummins/Smartcraft) did a great job getting my boat sorted.
  12. ttmott

    WTB Dometic Cruiseair SMXir mounting plate / bracket

    Thanks Byron - but I found them online and one came yesterday from Citimarine.
  13. ttmott

    Never been through a lock? Read on....

    The Florida locks sometimes raise and lower the water by opening the lock gates. Locking is usually a couple of feet or less. Regardless, the boat moves around quite a bit so man the lines and fenders. Never a floating bollard so never tie off the lines.
  14. ttmott

    Vessel View 1.5 replacement

    It is odd that one engine is now not displaying. This isn't a typical indicator that the VV has failed. Both engine data are combined and communicate on Smartcraft CAN 1 network. There is a wire harness between the port and starboard J-boxes that tie Port and Starboard CAN 1 together before...
  15. ttmott

    Mini Scuba Tanks

    We were in the Abacos and my 400 Sundancer's port shaft seal started leaking pretty bad. I threw on a mask, weight belt and fins and jumped in to see what the heck was going on.... There had to be 200 feet of fishing line wrapped all the way up the shaft. I tried to find an end and get it...
  16. ttmott

    480 DB Owners Club

    Sikaflex 295UV.
  17. ttmott

    Exterior Caulk

    Oh yea - got this from an X Sea Ray shop guy - 1/4" Acrylic plastic cut in 1/2" wide strips about 6 inches long. Then sharpen the end like a chisel. Cut several strips and make several end profiles. Removes old caulk like a breeze yet doesn't damage the gelcoat. When it gets dull just sharpen...
  18. ttmott

    Mini Scuba Tanks

    You should have it rebuilt. The valve isn't the best. I was diving in Palau and it started to leak down and I couldn't get it fixed. Had to borrow an octopus to get back to diving. These days for the deeper diving (90+ feet) I have both the Spare Air as well as a ScubaPro inflator/secondary...
  19. ttmott

    2024 Bahamas Trips for all

    And the all-important wind direction. It's not reasonable to make that crossing with general winds out of the north. In January/February the winds generally are from the north and the waves build quite significantly. We typically cross to either West End or Walkers Cae if going to the Abaco...
  20. ttmott

    2000 - 2003 480DB (or any SR boat in these years) with Cummins QSM11 Engines

    Every boat and prop is different. You want to be at close to 17 GPH per engine at 1800 - 1900 RPM. A good prop shop can re-pitch to meet the needed performance. If you run the boat and note RPM and Fuel burn the shop can re-pitch to where they need to be. If I remember mine are Nibril 4 blade...