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  1. Scottzzzy

    Lake Allatoona &Llake Lanier

    Chuck knows his stuff, he has a grey hair or two! :)
  2. Scottzzzy

    +2 DemocRATS on an escalator

    Could always be 2 Univ. of Alabama grads on an elevator.....:smt001
  3. Scottzzzy

    Mad jilted girlfriend runs over her Jihadi boyfriend

    Once a cheater...always a cheater! hahaha
  4. Scottzzzy

    WOT Power issue with 8.1

    I had a similar problem and it was plugs on my 8.1's.
  5. Scottzzzy

    Any Lake Lanier boaters on here?

    We have loved Baldridge and the people there. Looking forward to getting back into boating ASAP!!
  6. Scottzzzy

    USCG Boards Ship for Illegal Fishing and Finds Infestation of Rats!

    Wow 30 tons of squid in that net! Isnt there a real problem on the west coast with squid populations? It is hard to picture a net 10 miles long or the damage it could do.
  7. Scottzzzy

    110 in the engine room?

    It does seem weird I guess, but it a very factory and high end installation. It is in an open spot and flush, not just slapped in there in an outdoor box. I would swear it is factory. I will get a pic though. Getting cold in SF yet?
  8. Scottzzzy

    110 in the engine room?

    I can snap a photo with my phone this week. The lake is down but I want to get out for a night or 2 since the weather has been so nice. NOthing like sleeping with the hatches open on a cool night on the hook!
  9. Scottzzzy

    110 in the engine room?

    Well here is something strange then, I have an outlet in the engine compartment on my 02 340? It is setup just like the one up on the deck with an outdoor outlet cover on it. I always thought it came from the factory like that because it is recessed into the fiberglass and not in some kind of...
  10. Scottzzzy

    2012 50 Sundancer

    I hear if you could hook a solar panel up to it Obama will give you a few million towards it? :) Beautiful boat!
  11. Scottzzzy

    Considering purchasing a 2000 340DA

    We enjoy ours and have had it almost 2 years. When we were looking I was leaning towards Sea Ray because of the resale, but honestly we just liked the layout. I went with the 8.1's because it is such a heavy boat and I wanted closed cooled engines so MAYBE someday we can go to the Bahama or...
  12. Scottzzzy

    advise on 2000 380, too many hours on engines?

    Someone mentioned doing 2 oil changes in quick succession if you do move forward with the purchase which I think is a good idea too. Flush it out. As for hours, that does not seem like a lot for a 2000. I think I would go for a well cared for and moderately used boat over the low hour boat...
  13. Scottzzzy

    Interesting Night

    Gives me sick feeling in my gut just looking at those pics.... Is his settlement reasonable? I know you mentioned 310,000.
  14. Scottzzzy

    Interesting Night

    So sorry to hear that, but glad he is ok. I remember your posts about some of your trips on your blog. Tell him we all have sympathy for his loss and we are glad he is ok.
  15. Scottzzzy

    Need Opinions about Marina Manager's Actions

    I understand where you are coming from John. The care he shows for his own boat is most likely how he will treat others around him when eyes are not watching. It would be tough to for go the savings though, but I think I would cry more over damage to my boat than a little more money if I...
  16. Scottzzzy

    Hello from Southeast Alabama

    Welcome to the site! We need more southern boaters on here!
  17. Scottzzzy

    Anchor Chain Length on 310 ?

    I just replaced all of mine and I just emailed Sea Ray with my boats info and he told me exactly what to get. Just go through the Sea Ray site and do the Contact Us prompt. They are very helpful.
  18. Scottzzzy

    Fight video,, Caution Profanity:

    Somebody was feeling "10 Foot Tall and Bulletproof", but not so much at the end!
  19. Scottzzzy

    Replace fridge with Icemaker?

    I just took my icemaker out this weekend to look behind it up by the helm. It is a pretty deep cavity and even with some dimesions slightly different it does not seem like too bad of a swap. Now of course the fridges cost an arm and a leg!
  20. Scottzzzy

    What is that alarmthat sounds when shower is running

    I am having the same problem here and getting the same alarm. I seem to remember the pump groaning as it cut on and someone was in the shower. I think I will just go with the whole box to be replaced for $120. I did want to mention my Emergency Bilge had popped out of its casing from what I...