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  1. Asureyez

    Freeze plugs

    This is a project boat and while the hull has value, your life does too. Make sure you are getting the boat free and clear of all liens and claims. Second, definitely repower and trade in the existing engines. Repower to diesel is not a drop in job. nearly everything in the ER will need some...
  2. Asureyez

    Replacing the refrigerator?

    Getting the old box out is a pain and will require dismantling the working parts off the back and removal of the Norcold door. On my boat 460DA, I would also have had to remove the companionway slider (big job) to get the opening large enough to get a new box snaked down the companionway. To...
  3. Asureyez

    Whats your favorite beer ???

    Mich Ultra, Coors Light, Bud Lite, All good to go for me Lime works well in each
  4. Asureyez

    Frozen Sea Cock

    More than likely the valve is just cemented in with waste by product and sea life. This occures areounf the orifice of the valve and spraysa ren't going to reach the problem. Consider this. Take a quick measur eof the free swing distanc eyou have for the handle. Cut a piec eof PVC as much as...
  5. Asureyez

    State of the pleasure boat cruising economy

    Report in SoFla. We are accustomed to high costs in every aspect of boating. So many Marina's have been bought by corportate marina operators who jack the rent without mercy, Developers buying up waterside and building condo's around the waterline removing small marina operators. Work Yards...
  6. Asureyez

    1996 Dancer won't start

    Considering there are no fuel leaks on the suction side, let's think what ether does. It is a gas compressed to a liquid. As a liquid it has such low vapor pressure it turns to a gas at tempertures in the "Life Zone" and that gas mixed with O2 is explosive. So we won't start without a...
  7. Asureyez

    Florida for the winter Planning help

    Give a look here, I have had good experiences here.
  8. Asureyez

    Black Streaks are driving me crazy - suggestions please

    Pollution, Power plant carbon emissions etc all get caught in the fabric, and build up on the top sides. My experienc eis: Get used to it. BUT meanwhile do this, keep your canvas clean. Scrub it using a soft brush ( blue fibers is marine code for most brush makers for soft) and boat soap (two...
  9. Asureyez

    Anchor Chain

    Hi RACA, getting 5/16th High Test chain in La. should be a snap. The 150 continuous length should pose no problem either. I commissioned with a G4 chain (made in China) with 300 feet. Paid $500.00 for 300 feet. After nearly 5 years not a spot of rust so the galvanization was very good. Now...
  10. Asureyez

    Auto or manual inflatable vest?

    When I saw all those people standing on the wig of that plane that went down in the Hudson River a few years back, I can not recall many wearing life vests. At the time I remember remarking WTF!
  11. Asureyez

    Out side the bbq is clean

    I've had my Kettle for many years. Every year I remove the non metal parts and toss it all in the oven at home and bake at the clean cycle. It cleans up perfect. I replace the bad bits and get cooking. Caution: this process causes the stainless exterior to discolor from the heat, which is...
  12. Asureyez

    questions about possible thermostat problem????

    Sounds like a loose or badly worn belt could be the culprit
  13. Asureyez

    You can sit here all day and not run out of stupid

    The current under Dania Bridge can run 2.0 - 2.5 knots. That's swift, but for a twin screw nothing challenging. The boat appeared to be functioning from exhaust & prop wash and at one point the skipper had serious weigh astern, just before he lost it and spun to slam in to the fenders in...
  14. Asureyez

    Auto or manual inflatable vest?

    I have Auto Inflatables, Same vests for some 20+ years, "Crewfit" brand. I inspect, inflate and test annually. Weigh the CO2 cylinders, record the inspection and repack. Each has a whistle and water powered light attached. In all these years and over 22K miles at sea I have never hand an...
  15. Asureyez

    SR 370DA with Diesels, need straight talk info.

    You fellas are the best, I'm still searching. The past two weeks I've been fighting Bhronchitis and haven't been in the mood to get out there, but after Father's day Look out. I sold the 460 because at 50 feet over all it was becoming too big to safely single hand. I always have passengers who...
  16. Asureyez

    Horizontal Docking

    Docking along side in tight quarters requires some practice. Walking a boat sideways using both screws is a practiced art. Finesse is more important than brawn in getting the boat moving then backing off and reversing the gears and rudders and the check any moving that is counter productive...
  17. Asureyez

    2005 420DA - 6CTA's - lost #4 cylinder @ 150 hrs!!!!

    The big question at this hour level is did you follow maintenance specs and have the valves adjusted as per schedule. To burn off a valve seems to require very lean combustion. Also has your habit to run WOT most of the time? I'd agree it doesn't seem right. With so many engines failing in...
  18. Asureyez

    HELP! Diesel Engines in 460 Sundancer

    6CTA-8.3 M$ is still mechanical and you can actually do much of the work yourself if you desire to. Properly maintained 6C's will not smoke, are thrifty and reliable . its not a bad deal to have mechanicals.
  19. Asureyez

    Holding tank vent filter

    The Sea Land filter comes in two sizes, you need the larger of the two with hose bib like fittings on each end.
  20. Asureyez

    no power to ac it dead?

    Put a multi meter to the AC power in put . If no AC then trace back to the main breaker, inspect the wiring, if the wiring is tight, then test continuity across the breaker polls. Needless to say you have to disconnect your shore power.