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  1. jim696

    Prop repair or replacement

    I trashed my aluminum Alpha 1 prop the past 2 years...The first year I spent $125.00 getting it repaired. Last year I found that I could buy a new, better quality, prop for the same price. The nice thing is that it doesn't need a seperate hub. I got the Michigan Wheel, Michigan Match prop...
  2. jim696

    Gelcoat Repair Questions ;-)

    What do you think....Is this repairable????
  3. jim696

    Moeller fluid extractor

    Did you warm up your engine first??? If so, how warm did you let it get?
  4. jim696

    Racine Boat Show

    It's pretty good. Since it's in water, they bring in some of the bigger boats that they can't get into the venues during the winter shows. I've got a couple extra tickets for anyone that wants them. Since we slip at Reefpoint they give up 4 free tickets every year and I only need two of them...
  5. jim696

    WOW - 60 Sundancer

    The 60 is a beautiful boat....I must say that I like the cockpit seating in the new 55DA better. The table with the movable seating is very nice. We have a new one in our marina and I drool every time we go by it;)
  6. jim696

    I need a dinghy

    I know a several people at our marina that bought "Baltik" inflatables from E-bay. I must say that they are very nice and a great price. Check them out.
  7. jim696

    NEW 55 Sundancer

    I just came across an ad for a new 2008 55DA for sale....It has a best set of pictures of this boat I have seen so far. Check out the image gallery...
  8. jim696

    New Brunswick Program

    I thought this was an interesting article. Brunswick sets up levels for its new dealer program By IBI Magazine/Michael Verdon Brunswick Corp. announced today that it has established three levels of participation in its Brunswick Dealer Advantage program that will offer US dealers...
  9. jim696


    Magnesium is the best choice for fresh water. I just ordered some from this website...
  10. jim696

    NEW 55 Sundancer

    The new 55DA is on the SR website now....Very sharp looking :thumbsup:
  11. jim696

    Official 320 Dancer Thread

    Mike What marina are you in???
  12. jim696

    Its a Balmy 18degrees!

    That's almost boating weather!!! It was 13 below zero on this morning and that's not counting the wind chill. It made it up to a balmy 2 above in the afternoon :smt038 :smt038 The news had some guy in a small ice breaker, breaking up the ice around Navy Pier in Chicago today. At least...
  13. jim696

    Cool Sea Ray Video

    I believe that is the new 55DA...Same design as the 48DA but it's got the rotating seating in the cockpit.
  14. jim696

    Cool Sea Ray Video

    Some very nice footage of the new 55DA :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
  15. jim696


    I thought it was time that we start up a 340DA thread...Me and the wife started boating 3 years ago and fell in love with it. We where planning on moving up from our 23ft bowrider to a 340 last season but we had to hold off. We are planning to move up this season. We are looking at the 340...
  16. jim696

    If you have been to a boat show..............

    I was at the Milwaukee boat show and I wasn't very impressed with the majority of the boats(except SR). I can't stand the "european" stairs in the Four Winns. The thought that I have to remember left foot first when entering the cabin just makes no sense :smt017 :huh: :smt017 . Right foot...
  17. jim696

    NEW 55 Sundancer

    Here is a good article I just found on the new 55DA USA. World premier for Sea Ray 55 Sundancer at Miami International Boat Show Thursday, 25 January 2007 When it comes to handling finesse and stunning good looks, it doesn't get much sweeter than Sea Ray's all-new 55 Sundancer. Edgy and...
  18. jim696

    NEW 55 Sundancer

    Anyone near Reefpoint marina in Racine, WI, can check out a new 55DA in the spring. A guy from the marina flew down the the Miami boat show a snatched one up....I'm sure he paid a premium price for it. My dealer said that the new 55's are already sold out for the 2007 model year. :thumbsup...