1998 Sea Ray Sedan

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    Jul 14, 2007
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    Looking at a 1998 48' Sea Ray Sedan with 6V92'S Detroit 535 hp. Like to know some information on it. Cruising,speed, fuel burning and what you think of it.
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    Nov 4, 2008
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    This one?
    https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1998/Sea-Ray-480-Sedan-Bridge-3213223/Longport/NJ/United-States?refSource=standard listing

    This boat has been my white whale for so long. I looked at it 5 years ago.. It was pristine then, but a lot can happen in 5 years.

    I PM'ed you if you want to talk off line. The DD 6V92's are bullet proof 2 cycle. I have heard that parts are becoming rare and expensive... Just what I've heard. There are many Detroit's out there and many on the bay that are still humming along just fine. I would goto boatdiesel.com and sign up there and you can spend hours researching those engines and all their iterations. There are some concerns at HP ratings above the 535 that lead to shorter life spans...

    Good Luck!!!
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    Oct 30, 2007
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    PM sent

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