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Oct 3, 2006
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I thought it was time that we start up a 340DA thread...Me and the wife started boating 3 years ago and fell in love with it. We where planning on moving up from our 23ft bowrider to a 340 last season but we had to hold off. We are planning to move up this season. We are looking at the 340 with the 8.1's, radar/chartplotter, spot light, front sun pad with s/s runners, under swim platform lighting and the fixed soft top. I'm on the fence with getting the generator. Any suggestions or comments would be great.
By all means get the genny. You will regret not having one and boats in this size range without one take a big hit in the resale market. The cost of adding one later is not worth the expenditure. Buy it now and enjoy it for the years you will own the boat.
340 Dancer

We purchased our 2003 340 Dancer last season and absolutely love it. It has the twin 8.1 V-drives, radar, genny, and central vacumn system. definitely a great boat that you will enjoy. Roomy and comfy.

Definitely get the Genny.
We moved up from a Four Winns 248 Vista and couldn't be happier. Looking at the two styles of 340s, we decided to buy the older style. Even though the looks of the new style are clearly more modern, the cocpit and interior of the old style suits us much better.

There is a reason the 340 is Searay's best selling express cruiser by a far margin.
You have to get the Generator. Most luxury items run off of it - Microwave, A/C and Heat, Coffee maker and Stove. Adding that amount to your montly bill will be almost invisible, but as previously mentioned, selling your boat without it will not be easy. Adding it to your boat at sell time will not be fun, and the financial hit will not be so subtle.

We've been boat owners since 1989. We've been Sea Ray owners since 1997. We just got our 340 and absolutely LOVE it.

We had our denaming ceremony followed by the naming ceremony last night (reference thunderstorms). The Gods of the wind and the sea came to watch. They seemed to display their pleasure with a show of strength in our local area. Nothing was close enough to us to indicate displeasure (no lightning inside of about a mile or two, wind was moderate, and waves were light in the marina, yet crashing loudly on the beach 1/3 mile away).

Her new name is Shell's Island - a play on words based on my wife's nickname Shelli/Shell, and the local barrier island where we spend most of our idle time - Shell Island.

How to make big points with wife:

1) Name boat after her
2) Secretly remove old name
3) Secretly Cruise across bay to get new name added on
4) Cover new name with old name
5) Complain that the weather is keeping self from removing old name
6) Invite friends over to boat for cocktail party, naming ceremony supposedly delayed for weather
7) Decide to remove old name in ceremony - reveal blank transom
8) Get "Talked into" renaming ceremony by friends
9) Reveal new name to wife's surprise and delight
10) Drink, but don't get drunk (Needed a 10th one)
Does anyone know what the available depth is for mounting speakers in the stock locations?

I'd check mine, but she's still under wraps for the winter. :smt009
I would forgo some of the other options you are looking at in order to get the genny - add the electronics later.
Good choice...we've certainly enjoyed ours.


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Bon Dia,
Nice sun pad... But from its size it would appear u cant stow it .

Do u keep there all the time??

Looks like alot snaps......

Im curious that noone has mentioned any canvas leaks ??

My 34 leaked horribly from the zippers around the helm ( above )

was so bad ... My water resistant radio failed... Yes ur Raymarine VHF is not water proof... Im still in shock over that ...

Well anyway just curious..

Looks like an awful lot of holes drilled in the foredeck. That's a lot of chances for a leak. That would worry me. Other than that it looks great. Where do you store it?
Anyone know if we have the same under-swim-platform light system as the 320? They have a discussion of it on their thread, and I'm planning on adding it myself.
Where do you store it?

We don't...it stays snapped to the fore deck year round. Only time it comes off is to polish & wax deck. All screw holes were filled with recommended sealant before snaps attached. Boat lives in covered slip & rarely see rain. We cut around the skylights to allow light in, added plus is void makes a great place to store drinks, food, phones, etc.
I absolutely love our 340. It's been at the dealer for a week now, and I truly miss it. I miss going down to the dock and having a beer on it in the afternoon. I miss the smell of the interior. I miss the Serious Sat Radio, and the thundering speakers.

I miss the view of the sunsets. I miss the feeling of sitting at the helm. I miss climbing into the engine room and checking things out and doing the light maintenance. I miss the satisfaction of leaving it just a little better than it was when I arrived that day.

I brought the 250 home - it's in the driveway. I spent all day cleaning the interior to get over missing the 340. I've tinkered more on the 250 in the last few months than most of the last 9.5 years. Anyone want to buy a 250? I don't need to make any money, just to pass it on to the next enthusiast.e Someone needs to buy it before it's cleaned to death.
The 34 is a great boat hands down, as for getting the boat without a genny that would be a mistake as others have mention. the solution to the leaking canvas is to have the dealer pay for verco on the overlaps this keeps the water from coming through the zippers. this happened to us on a trip to block island in some nasty weather. our waterproof radio failed as well. once the verco was installed we never had a problem.
funny thing is the dealer knew about it and Searay as well, because once we complained they paid for the fix.

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