350 SLX vs. 400 SLX

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scrooge, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Scrooge

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    Jun 11, 2019
    Soon to be owner of SLX
    Hi, I'm new hear and debating between the 350 and 400 SLX (IO on both) and was curious if anyone who owned one could chime in on their experience. I have a fairly large family (six) and wife wants a large day boat and the ability to entertain others.

    Also curious, if someone is willing to share, about their pricing experience in buying theirs (actual vs. MSRP). Seems the opinions are all over the map on high msrp's.

    Currently have a 23 foot runabout (yamaha) that we're getting rid of to get this.

  2. FastMarkA

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    Jul 12, 2010
    2017 350 CBR
    T-6.2L 350hp w/ B3 and JPS
    They are two different boats completely.

    I haven't had either, but what I did have was a 2011 300 SLX and after that went to a Formula 350 CBR -- which could be argued as a competitor to the 350 SLX, but...not...really.

    The 350 SLX has a "compartment" for sleeping one, while the 400 SLX sleeps 4 comfortably. So do you need sleeping space? If so, the 400 SLX is the obvious choice.

    As well, with the extra weight, the 400 SLX will ride much better. You'll also look extra hot when you fold down the side wall of your boat that creates extra swim platform space.

    If your budget allows, the 400 SLX is the all-around better boat. If you prefer to be around the 350's price point, I'd highly encourage you to look at the Formula 350CBR. I'm no Sea Ray hater by any means (I grew up on them and they are good boats), but the Formula build quality is a notch above, and the layout/design of the 350 CBR just crushes the 350 SLX, especially since they started offering an awesome hardtop option in 2018.

    One last word on the 400 SLX, I think it's probably underpowered with the 8.2 380s. You'd at least want the 430s or, if you can make it happen, the diesel option.

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