Any Savannah, Ga members?

Discussion in 'Sea Ray Lifestyle & Cruising' started by 440 Jim, Feb 21, 2021.

  1. 440 Jim

    440 Jim Member

    Feb 11, 2021
    Savannah Bend Marina
    1989 440 Convertable
    Twin 3208T Cats
    Twin 3208T Cats
    We're at Savannah Bend marina in Thunderbolt with several other Searays moored there. Was wondering if any members were there or in the Savannah area in general.

    Area is new to us and we are looking forward to getting to know the area and maybe meet some Searay folks.

    Take care
  2. copb8tx

    copb8tx Well-Known Member

    Jan 26, 2008
    Lake Texoma, TX/Port Richey, FL
    2005 420 Sundancer w/T-8.1S Horizons
    2011 Four Winns H240 w/Volvo 8.1 DPi
    We'll be spending a couple of days in Savannah in May and would love any tips on must-sees while we're there. TIA.
  3. Capt. Rusty Higgins

    Capt. Rusty Higgins Well-Known Member PLATINUM Sponsor

    Nov 6, 2006
    Cape Canaveral, Florida
    Sea Ray 18CC Laguna
    if it burns, it turns
    I'm not in Savannah but I certainly try and make it stop when traveling the coast. One of my most favorite of cities, with more historical markers than any other in the US.

    You're at the hub of great places to go from where your at. Down to Fernandina FL and St. Augustine, or north to Hilton Head, Charleston, Georgetown and beyond. All way historical, and way cool places to cruise.

    You have one of the classic's in that 440CV......It was designed and made so Connie Ray could have a fishing boat. You notice on all the Sedan Bridges (DB) the aft deck is covered from the hardtop of the bridge. If you slam a big Dolphin or Whahoo and raise the rod to set the hook, ya hit the damn hardtop. The Convertibles (CV) and the mid-2000's 440/450 Express Bridge (EB) the aft deck was not covered, which makes them great offshore fishing boats. I see them occasionally in FL and cruise by just remembering the good 'ole days.

    Capt. Rusty
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  4. TheSab

    TheSab New Member

    Dec 8, 2020
    Colonial Beach, Va
    1996 Sea Ray 440 Express Bridge
    Cat 3116TA
    Tubby's Tank House. You're Welcome
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  5. 440 Jim

    440 Jim Member

    Feb 11, 2021
    Savannah Bend Marina
    1989 440 Convertable
    Twin 3208T Cats
    Twin 3208T Cats
    Thanks Rusty, I have heard that history and that design is the main reason we got it. It's what I grew up on/around. Although I have a smaller CC that I use all over, this started with just a fishing boat discussion between us...then one of the boys said, well the wives and kids would want a cabin and air, maybe a fridge and a berth too, head also?

    So the boys found this and I love it...

    We are fishermen and other than outriggers, we are setup, aux pump circuit for baitwell, rods and reels,etc. Boat has had outriggers, just need to figure out which ones to use based on the location of the blank offs from the priors

    I really like the classic lines on the 440CV, I grew up in Vero Beach/Sebastian and these type boats were prevalent back then, not too far south of the factory, I remember it. I also have a collection of '60s Fords that I have had some of for 35yrs. So I like the older stuff and preserving and enjoying the little quirks and such. Try to do all my own work. Right up my alley. We'll set you up on the outside if you come through, let me know.

    As far as places...
    Everyone wants to spend time on River Street, it is a prerequisite I think. I have done my time there for now. I like it better from the water view honestly. Don't want to spend 2 hrs waiting on a table for brkfst. Rather go to the Breakfast Place and eat a good home cooked brkfst and get back to the boat. But the kids love the "bouya" or whatever that word is they use nowadays. When I say kids, they are in thier early 30s...

    We get carryout from Tubbys in Thunderbolt, they have a location on River Street also, it is across river and on the other side of the hwy 80 bridge from us. Stopped by for lunch Sunday before last when we were leaving.

    There are several fresh seafood "markets" around with take out low country boil, fish, crab legs, blue crab (my favorite of all shellfish). Bobo's is my favorite, it's 10 min from the dock, maybe try Lindas, heard it was good as well. Don't be alarmed by the neigborhood, you will be fine.

    There is a starbucks across from the Breakfast Place, but not for us.

    Within a mile of our dock we have everything we need, groceries, home depot, target, etc. West Marine is a bit farther, 3mi or so. Got thier last two 4" bilge blower fans they had a couple weeks ago.

    We like to cruise by the port and check out the super structure of the container loading gantrys, yeah...engineers. Some nice yacht yards and builders there. There are islands to check out, we have not done that much cruising since we got here in Oct. Beautiful sunrise/sunsets, but we're still new here too!

    I will say that the law enforcement visibility is impressive on both land and water, regular patrols. Reassuring for sure when you're not there.

    My take on Savannah after 4 months and about 30 days/nights on the boat. Really looking forward to spring. Taking it out next week after the recent maintenance, with a freshly cleaned hull, got that setup today.
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  6. SKybolt

    SKybolt Active Member GOLD Sponsor

    Nov 11, 2014
    Kent Narrows, MD
    1988 460 EC
    Detroit 6v92TA
    (Low profile's)
    Alison Gears
    12.5kw Genset
    If you get by the River Front, check out Boars Head Grill and tavern. Simply great food and atmosphere.
  7. 440 Jim

    440 Jim Member

    Feb 11, 2021
    Savannah Bend Marina
    1989 440 Convertable
    Twin 3208T Cats
    Twin 3208T Cats
    I think they also own a small ice cream shop close by also. Mother and son team. Good place.

    Nice here this weekend, back for more work. Heading to the Breakfast Place...if my new decals work out, I'm renaming today, then on to pull the radar head and check out why it's not spinning up. Our Garmin sys is about 15yrs old, but need everything up until we get the new Raymarine system my nephew is researching.
  8. 440 Jim

    440 Jim Member

    Feb 11, 2021
    Savannah Bend Marina
    1989 440 Convertable
    Twin 3208T Cats
    Twin 3208T Cats
    Promises to be a beautiful day here...but ya gotta look sideways. 20210226_072457.jpg
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  9. 440 Jim

    440 Jim Member

    Feb 11, 2021
    Savannah Bend Marina
    1989 440 Convertable
    Twin 3208T Cats
    Twin 3208T Cats

    Radar working

    Fishfinder working

    A good day with one of my nephews and his GF

    This sideways crap is driving me crazy

    Welcome to our office

  10. RBB

    RBB Well-Known Member GOLD Sponsor

    Dec 18, 2019
    2004 390 MY
    2019 Sea Doo GTX 155
    2020 Walker Bay Venture 14
    Pelican Kayak
    8.1’s straight drive
    60 hp Honda
    Just crop the picture before posting.

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