Bad Barnacle Year on the Bay

Discussion in 'Mid-Atlantic' started by alnav, Jun 16, 2020.

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    I keep my boat in the water in the West River over the winter. Due to covid restrictions and getting some work done she has not left the slip as yet. I went to start engines the other day but only got trickles on both sides.

    After checking impellers and such, I asked a friend to help. He immediately opined that the intakes were probably clogged with barnacles having just gotten back from having his single propeller pulled due to severe vibration. He had thought he hit a log but it turned out his prop was completely covered with barnacles despite having been zinc-painted just last fall. We both use the same diver for regular cleaning who flaked out on us this year (he told me he was hitting me in May).

    My friend told me he had heard of a diver from the Eastern Shore who was going to be working our club this week and was going to get me the contact info. I lucked out and ran into the diver in the parking lot on my way home this morning. He didn't have time to clean my boat but offered to check the intakes. The diver just called and told me he had cleared the through hulls but that he recommended I get hauled soonest as the extent of the barnacle coverage was beyond what a diver ought to try to clean. He told me he is seeing the same problem everywhere he goes on the Bay this year and had not ever seen it this bad. He also refused to let me pay him for today but to keep him in mind after the haul.

    Just posting to let all in the area know about the potential problem. Have others seen this? I've got a haulout scheduled at the local Sea Ray dealer next week and will be interested to see what the hull and running gear looks like. My bottom paint and Prop Speed coating are just over one year old.

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