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  1. Z-Worthy

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    Jun 20, 2014
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    1997 400 DA
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    I made the move into a 2001 Sunseeker 44’ Camargue this year. She’s optioned with the 450hp Cat 3208s with roughly 850 freshwater hours. The reason I made the move is because the previous owner was meticulous with maintenance and upkeep and I can literally eat off the bilge floor it’s so clean and dry. So my question is; does anyone have experience with 3208s? Any advice for things to watch for? Or advice for things to do to make sure they’re in tip-top shape every year? Thanks!
  2. mquiet

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    Aug 4, 2009
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    Those are good engines. Just keep up with the maintenance. Oil and filters and clean the aftercoolers.
  3. ocgrant

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    Had a couple of those 435HP in my Princess and they were great. Keep the coolers clean, and make sure you excercise them, they don't like to sit. School bus motors on the water. I removed the govenors as they gave me some issues so my cat guy said take them out and never had issues again.
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    I have a pair of 94 turbos in a Portifino. They are nearly indestructible. Stay on top of the belts tension, keep em clean, and really, have only had a couple of maintenance items, like raw water pumps, alternators, and a fuel shut off solenoid sticking on the port engine. Had em yanked, cooling system cleaned out, other small stuff, replaced both oil pans just because, and painted em.
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