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Hala Herbert

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Jul 3, 2022
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2004 Searay Sundancer
I have a 2004 Sea Ray Sundancer. I am having issues lifting the hatch. When I hit the “hatch lift” button on the steering column, it will only start to lift one side of the hatch. Its like it is hung up on something. Problem is, I can’t see anything because the hatch is not lifted! Any advice would be appreciated!
I suspect you have a dead ram. Either it is shot or no power to it. You have 2-round deck plates that should access the tops of the rams. If so, you can pull the pins and raise by hand. You will need two men and a mule to raise it.
You can try back feeding 12v with a jump box through a 12v outlet. Could be just dead/almost dead battery. What boat do you have?

Thank you! We will try this! We have the 2004 Sea Ray Sundancer 420.
When we did the sea trial on ours, the hatch quit with it closed. The owner had 3-really big guys come down and lift it. Then I had to get new actuators installed before I could get engine work done. Bought 2-off of Amazon and had them drop shipped to the owner who got them installed. I then ordered the OEM ones and they are much better.

You need an 18” stroke. The circular ports to access the pins are in the floor of the transom locker. Good luck!

Mine were noisy and then getting slow. Ordered replacements from Colony Marine in St Clair Shores. Roughly $400 each. Now quiet and faster. Aftermarket is the only way to go now. The OEM manufacturer is out of business.
Thank you all for your help!! We were able to access the pins in the back and were able to actually get the hatch open! We would have never found where those pins were on our own. We found we do need a new actuator. I will be ordering online with your recommendations! Thank you so much!

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