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Apr 26, 2005
I have a problem with our 1994 300 Sundancer. Water accumulates in the cavities on the port side of the fresh water holding tank and then leaks down into the lower aft cabin floor area. This problem normally develops as a result of a leak in the area of the hot water heater. The first few years I thought it was because the folks at the marina had not properly sealed the water connections at the heater. Now this spring when getting ready to put it in I found awater in the cavity and the floor wet again most likely a result of the marina draining the H20 heater into the compartment it's in expecting it to go out the bilge area- instead it infiltrates some area in the stringers, goes into these two 10 x 10 compartments and bleeds down to the floor. Has anyone else had this issue and resolved it? I have no idea what else to do. I am thinking about pulling the water heater and plugging or t'ing the hoses some how to circumvent the water heater area to see what happens. The marina we bought the boat from has spent hours on this and our local marina has looked at it, and is looking at it again, but I remain pessimistic that it will be resolved. We always just turn the water on when needed, but if we forget to shut it off the floor is sure to have things floating in the aft cabin. Thanks for any help!
ya ive had a problem like that wioth my 240 but now i have a brand new 300 dancer. But ya try not hooking to shore water just fill up your tank. that should solve your leaking problem till it gets fixed. and also have u checked your bilge pumps??
Thanks for the reply. I am having this problem when the water system is turned on and running off of the pump and tank. The pump cycles intermittently, but no one can find any leak. We have never hooked to a hose and city water at the marina. Everything is dry now, but I know, if I turn the water pump power on and forget to turn it off or leave it on intentionally, eventually the floor in the rear cabin will get wet and the two cavities between the stringers on the port side of the fresh water holding tank will have standing clear water in them. Answering your question my bilge pumps are fine and every thing else works well. All line connections seem to be dry and hoses/piping feels dry when tracing it. It's a complete mystery that I can't seem to find a logical solution for- doesn't seem like it would be that tough. Just thought someone might have experienced the problem or might know a trick to track it down. Thanks.

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