In case you wondering why people are fleeing California

Discussion in 'Holding Tank' started by Carpediem44DB, Jul 31, 2020.

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    Just a small example of the hypocrisy we live with in CA:
    Nancy Pelosi's Nephew
    Looks Like Gavin Newsom's Property Taxes Are Late Again

    Bronson Stocking


    Posted: Jul 31, 2020

    Source: Genaro Molina/Los Angeles Times via AP

    California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom is behind on his property taxes again. Maybe this explains why the governor allowed his Napa Valley winery to stay open but ordered other wineries in the state to close down.

    As RedState's Jennifer Van Laar reports, the Marin County Tax Collector's website currently lists Gov. Newsom's property taxes on his Kentfield estate as delinquent. Newsom did manage to pay his property taxes on his Sacramento mansion this year, but not without racking up a late-payment penalty of some $2,094.15.

    In March, Newsom became the first governor to issue a stay-at-home order in response to the Wuhan coronavirus. A month later, Newsom was praising counties in the state for pledging to cancel penalties on property owners who can't pay their taxes on time because of the coronavirus.

    "I would like to thank the California State Association of Counties and the California Association of County Treasurers and Tax Collectors for committing to providing economic relief for residents and small businesses facing hardships due to COVID-19," Newsom said in a statement.

    But why can't the governor pay his property taxes on time?

    While Newsom has repeatedly shut down large swaths of the California economy, forcing millions onto the unemployment rolls, the career politician's government salary has been arriving steadily throughout the lockdowns.

    Newsom, a tax-and-spend Democrat, subscribes to a political philosophy that calls for soaking California workers, families, and business owners with exorbitant taxes and then spending their hard-earned cash on stupid things like stimulus checks for illegal aliens.

    Newsom wants to raise taxes in California, but he can't even pay the taxes he owes now on time.

    Carpe Diem
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    Just had POD delivered to our driveway today here in Illinois. The driver said “...everyone’s moving out of Illinois...”

    When I was looking into renting a moving truck U Haul said they were short on trucks. That they’re all “down south” and they’re looking to hire drivers to bring em back up.

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    But does he own a Sea Ray?

    Why so many political posts on this forum? I didn’t expect it, regardless of political leanings.
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    It is a Presidential Election year. Things always get a little heated when an election is coming up. Add to that the Chinese Virus and the displaced aggression will be at an all-time high.
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    Rumor has it that he uses a Honda generator for his boat......on the swim platform. :eek:
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    You folks in the north and on the west coast come visit Tennessee but then go back home, we are full here in the south and do not need any more people destroying our paradise.
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    And take your voting habits back home with you. Kind of summed up in the “Don’t California my Texas “bumper sticker.
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    Without discussions of current events this place would end up being like all the other boat brand forums. Not sure if you’ve ever participated in, but you ask your question and if you’re lucky in a week or so somebody will answer. I would say a majority of the questions on other boat brand forums do not get answered.

    Here we have developed a camaraderie, many people have met in real life on real boat docks. This place I considered to be a virtual boat dock and we discuss all the same topics you would discuss with your neighbors at your boat dock.

    in return if someone pops on with a question, particularly new boaters, they usually get an answer to their questions pretty quickly as we are “staffed “with a group of very knowledgeable people who just happen to be bantering about the latest current events.

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