Installing LED TV on 2004 340 Sundancer Bulkhead Wall

Discussion in 'Installation Photos/Specs' started by KevinC, Jun 13, 2018.

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    Next, removed the mouting bracket from the old tv and install on the new one..mine came with new screws of various lengths. Just make sure you use the correct ones so as not to damage the new tv. I also found that I needed to raise the bulkhead mount and add spacers behind it so the tv would clear the surround. I think the spacers were around 1-1/4" and I moved the mount up by about 1-1/2". Yours may be different, and I used 3" screws to remount the bulkhead bracket with the spacers.
    After this is done, reattach the surround, slide the tv onto the bulkhead mount, and then reinstall the small screws that hold the tv mount to the bulkhead mount. 20200721_123800[2581].jpg

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