isinglass vs. strataglass for rolling....(long post)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CliffA, Oct 18, 2018.

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    That what I have. Previous owner had it installed.
    Nice stuff, and Plexus cleans it really well.
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    Well, I can’t believe this conversation has gone on this long without someone mentioning the most popular isinglass cleaner and protector.

    Endorsed by Consuela, Sailors and Bayliner owners everywhere. I read on one forum a member used it on Isenglass for 25 years with no issue. Other people claim it will harm the isenglass.

    However, I personally rinse the isenglass with water (no detergent), carefully remove any bird droppings with a clean puffy cotton towel then clean the isenglass with Plexus and a clean cotton cloth.

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    I know this thread goes back two years, but certainly seems like a ton of knowledge here, so hoping for some advice. I recently replaced the front isinglass, and two panels have zippered openings that can be rolled up, to avoid having to take the entire canvas off. We’ve only rolled them up a few times, and they’re both already scratched. Looks like it’s from the plastic rubbing against itself, while we’re cruising. I tried 210 scratch remover and 210 cleaner, but no luck.

    Since these were made specifically to be rolled up, I didn’t expect them to get scratched so easily right away.

    Is there something better (maybe Plexus?), and are we doing something wrong when we roll these up?
  4. sbw1

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    That is the nature of isenglass when it is rolled up on itself. You could install some Velcro on them and strick them unrolled to the top.
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    Jun 16, 2020
    Sayville, NY
    2001 290 Sundancer
    Twin 5.0L EFI w/Bravo II Drives
    Ok thanks. I was also thinking maybe I could roll it up with a small towel or something in between. I guess everyone who rolls them up just lives with the scratches...weird
  6. superwa

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    I swivel them back and snap them to the radar arch. No rolling and no storing needed
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    We have been using bath towels cut to fit for many years. Carefully done it seems to work quite well.
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    I just had a new enclosure made with 40 ga. smoked vinyl (supplier unknown) and fine scratches when rolling up are inevitable it seems. Either fine grit on the outside, the zippers themselves or even your fingernails can scratch.

    An old boater friend of mine just retired the original top on a 2006 Chaparral because the canvas itself was failing. The windows looked amazing however. He used Pledge furniture polish on them and swears by it FWIW.
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  9. Shark

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    Jun 16, 2020
    Sayville, NY
    2001 290 Sundancer
    Twin 5.0L EFI w/Bravo II Drives
    I think we’ll try this too, thanks Marty

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