It's time to leave Brewer's

Discussion in 'Northeast' started by cwiert, Sep 19, 2017.

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    Jun 10, 2018
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    Joining this thread, since we bought our '97 300DA through a Brewers Yachts broker, we got 50% off the first summer and winter fees if we stayed at a Brewers yard. Since the boat was at the Deep River CT location..we stayed there. We live just 25 minutes away in Waterford, and at first I wanted to keep the boat more towards my old home town, Mystic. BUT...we go to the boat on Fridays end of work...would have to get on I-95 north to go to Mystic...joining allllll the other tourists clogging up I-95 north on Fridays going up to the Cape, NH, ME, etc. And then drive back home on Sunday...same as alllll the other tourists doing back to NY/NJ. So instead of head on I-95 south on Fridays to go to the boat and then north on Sundays going home, against the general flow of weekend tourist traffic.

    Also like the idea of it being mostly fresh water there that far up the CT river...for longevity of the engines.

    So far, we do like the Brewers Deep River marina, it's a lot like a nice campground. And great staff there.
    Will keep an eye out for any decline in service...and perhaps after our first year, we'll see.

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