Kohler 5ECD Not Running EC62, UU, UF

Discussion in 'Electrical Stuff' started by pyro, Apr 15, 2019.

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    100% agree. This thread and its corollary on the FB group are the reason my genset is running smoothly today.
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    Hey Everyone, Hope you're all staying safe and healthy. New to the group here and read all the great info, thanks! Anyway, I've been dealing with this demon Kohler 5E for the past several months. Hoping you all could lend some suggestions.

    Generator would run for about 30-40 minutes with occasional surging and eventually die out. Things I've done thus far:
    -New Impeller
    -New Water Pump
    -Flushed Heat Exchanger
    -New Zinc Anode
    -New Thermostat
    -Coolant Flush
    -New High Temp Cutoff Switch
    -New Fuel/Water Separator

    Now it's running for about an hour to an hour twenty minutes before it dies out. I have the older model 5E so there's no fancy error codes or display.

    I'm going insane over here! Could it be this fuel pump you all are speaking of? Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
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    Blow backwards through the thru-Hull valve. Mine was slightly clogged causing the exact same issue, except for about every 10-20 minutes.

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