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    I am passing along a terrific vendor if your Jabsco Searchlight is not working 100% or just needs a refurb. I am NOT affiliated with these guys in any respect and am not receiving any remuneration for this recommendation. When I find a good vendor for my Sea Ray 340 Sundancer, I like to pass along their info.

    I've got the 5 inch Jabsco searchlight, which was standard equipment on the 2001 340 DA Sundancer and many others. Out of nowhere the horizontal motion ceased to function.

    After googling around, I came across the website for LB Harvey Marine out of Miami ( A rather rudimentary site to be sure, but I emailed them to find out whether they serviced my light. I received a response right back. They knew the light well, told me what was likely wrong with it (horizontal motor), and estimated a repair of between 200-400 depending upon what it was. I took a chance and sent in the light and controller (they wanted both to be able to fully test it). It ended up being the motor, but they also had to replace the rubber boot and recommended replacing the bulb, which I did. I received the light back after about 4 weeks (this was over the Xmas holidays), all polished up and looking as good as new. Very well packed too. $380 bucks.

    Before you ask, I have not reinstalled it yet, and if it doesn't work when I do, the tenor of this thread may change. I have drilled out the original screw holes and filled them with epoxy, for the purpose of removing one more point that water could get into the deck core. I plan to reinstall in the next couple of weeks and report back.

    As of right now, however, I am EXTREMELY happy with these guys.

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