Looking for a Clarion xmd3


Oct 8, 2007
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340 SeaRay Sundancer 2005
Twin Inboard 8.1L
Looking to replace my xmd3 unit. All I need is the head unit. Anyone have one for sale?
I pulled mine out this summer. Why would you want to place another when there are better options available now? I got a fusion ms-ud750. It fits in the same hole as the xmd3. The remote also fits the same hole as the clarion remote. Having individual zone control as well as Bluetooth is huge. Also, the user interface blows away the ancient clarion.

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Also looking for an XMD3.

Teekster: To answer your question: I have an XMD1 and want to plug and play the XMD3 in so that I get AUX inputs to add a cheap Bluetooth receiver or just an AUX in cable from an iPhone. This is a band aid until my budget allows me to update to something like the Fusion. My boat has a few more projects of higher priority than a sound system update, so I'd love a drop-in replacement for my XMD1 to get AUX IN's.

I tried to PM you but your mailbox is full. Let me know if you'd like to get rid of the XMD3, Teekster...

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Did you just replace the head unit on yours or the amps and speakers also? I'm not 100% sure what's wrong with mine but I think I've narrowed it down to the actual head unit. The amps or Bluetooth aren't working but are getting power. I've tried unplugging the remotes in case 1 went bad and I've jumped the blue wire inn the back of the stereo to the amp in case there was a break in it.
I was actually looking at the fusion units. I was concerned about losing the remote though. I didn't know they offered one that would fit in the same hole.

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