Major Cracks in Swim Platform Edge

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    Hello everyone.

    I will be starting numerous repairs on my swim platform. There are two major cracks that need to be addressed before I can do anything else. I have some experience working with carbon fiber but this looks like a tricky one.

    Attached in the images are the cracks from the front and behind. My plan was to just remove a little bit of material in the crack to hopefully be able to line up the surfaces. Then I would glass from behind and stuff some glass and resin inside the trench of the crack, then gel coat for the final layer.

    Looking at the swim platform from behind, the two cracks are on either side of the straight rear-most portion. I believe the portion of the fiberglass material between the cracks is buckled a little but I need to verify this.

    Am I grossly underestimating what's needed to repair this damage or am I on the right track? I'm concerned about the glassing from behind part of my plan since the underside of the platform is painted white. I don't think I can apply the glass directly to this and will need to remove paint to bond to the underlying fiberglass structure.

    ANY help or tips is much appreciated.

    Thank you

    Crack 1:

    Crack 2:
    IMG_2951.JPG IMG_2952.JPG
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    Looks like your swim platform was used as a boat brake at one time.
  3. Golfman25

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    Sep 12, 2009
    Tough to tell. You'll need to grind off all the gel coat and determine if there is underlying damage to the structure. Then go from there.
  4. Creekwood

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    Its not paint, its gel coat and it does need to be ground off both front and back for the repair beyond the crack. The after the structural repairs done, gel coat of the right color sprayed on and sanded/buffed back to be invisible or barely visible. If it was me, I would get someone to do it. Probably not crazy expensive and better chance it will be done properly.

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