Never buy from Smith Boys in Tonawanda NY!

Discussion in 'Pictures & Videos' started by Laurie Goldsmith, Jun 30, 2019.

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    The impellar is a maintenance item on a generator. I carry a spare.

    Not sure what you are complaining about. You were aware of the model year and actual hours before you closed on the deal. You had a chance to back out but knowingly went forward with the purchase.

    Something is not right with this story.
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    Sorry, but everything I've heard so far indicates a problem with your decision making and not the broker. If anything, your problem is with your surveyor. You had ample opportunity to walk away and get your deposit back. The issues you describe are normal things for a 17 year old boat. 900hrs is nothing on diesel engines. This forum is a great resource for boat owners.
    But should not be used to disparage businesses unjustly. My advice would be fix your boat up and enjoy it. Looks like a beautiful vessel. Hope things work out for you.
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    impeller on the Genset is an annual replacement item.
  4. Laurie Goldsmith

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    Jun 30, 2019
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    Smith boys said they maintained the boat yearly and it was the original owner. Yet, when we asked questions the owner got snippy. All we asked was what was done and he got really defensive. After misrepresenting the age and hours we were skeptical. After talking to them we are sure they are very dishonest and obviously don't care about the buyer. They left
  5. Laurie Goldsmith

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    Jun 30, 2019
    390 searay
    Cummins diesels
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    You may have an issue with the boat you purchased but let me summarize what everyone in this forum knows so far.

    You became interested in a boat.

    You made an offer based on some incorrect facts.

    You had a surveyor who you say was incompetent

    You are mad at the dealer over this.

    Frankly, it seems you should have done due diligence in your boat search. After the survey you accepted the boat so that is the official point of decision. Based on the facts at the time you decided it was fine even though you could have backed out of the deal.

    Now you are angry because of an impeller which everyone is trying to tell you is no big deal and is a item that could fail at any time.

    I have 2 major suggestions. 1. Learn all about the process of buying a boat BEFORE you buy a boat, the folks here in CSR are amazing and will help you every step of the way. 2. Don’t disparage a dealer on the internet unless it is warranted and even if it is we don’t condone it in CSR.

    Now enough with the issues. Let’s all help you get where you want to be which is on the water using your boat. As of today, what is wrong with your boat and how can we help? It would be best for you to post this in a new thread with a title such as “Newbie needs help with repairs on a 19xx Searay xxx”

    Welcome to the club!
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    Good man.
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    I just took delivery of my new 510 Sundancer. The broker was a tad surprised when I showed him the inaccuracies of the listing compared to the actual boat. Some of it being objective as to what normal wear and tear really is, some of it actual discrepancies as to engine hours and the like. Bottom line; the seller writes a copy that may or may not be accurate. Brokers should check the copy of a listing but there is alway that disclaimer listed of the bottom of every boat add. Lastly; there's a big difference in fixing a boat to sell it as opposed to fixing it to keep it.
    I was $3600 into the survey of the new vessel. That's money above and bewond the funding of the purchase. Just the price of letting me investigate. Was on the fence but elected to proceed. Now it's the deal of do I have it or dose it have me. Your boat ain't new, but if the growing pains aren't to bad you might find that every thing just works out.
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