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Newby Question

Discussion in 'General Maintenance/Repair Questions' started by Misterhelms, Aug 13, 2020.

  1. Misterhelms

    Misterhelms Member

    Jul 5, 2020
    Oceanport, NJ
    2004 Sea Ray 340 DA
    8.1s Mercruiser
    Guys - can I ask a stupid question? I just bought a 04 340 DA. Generator was running fine and well maintained. Driving up the ICW in NC and the alarm goes off for the generator. I immediate shut it off and when we stop for the day try to turn it on to see if I can diagnose the issue. As stated here no water coming out of the exhaust. I don’t have an LED readout so there are no codes to determine issue but started it up to see if water would come out of the exhaust which it didn’t.

    My question is this - when I open up the sea strainer with the sea cock open would water rush into the boat if it was unclogged? I didn’t think about it until later but trying to figure out if it’s an impeller issue or blockage. With no water coming in I’m thinking it’s blockage. I don’t have a wet/dry vac but thinking of either using a coat hanger or turning on the hose and try to push out the blockage that way.
  2. ocgrant

    ocgrant Well-Known Member GOLD Sponsor

    Dec 31, 2006
    Miami / Ft Lauderdale
    H2O Therapy
    2006 Sundancer 48
    Novurania 460
    Yamaha EX-R
    Cummins QSC 540's
    You are on the correct path... If no water is coming in the strainer below the water line then you have blockage for sure.
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