Options for replacing Garmin 498

Discussion in 'Electronics Q&A' started by Stephen Crompton, Jun 15, 2019.

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    I have a 2006 Sundeck 240 with a Garmin 498 mounted as shown. Nothing wrong with it, but would like to go with a newer model if possible. Can I swap this out for another unit (and if so which are compatible) and use the same wiring for power and transducer? (Hope i've got that right). DSCN5335-1.jpg 20180918_152940.jpg
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    Contact our host and they can answer your question,


    That said, it is highly unlikely new models will work with anything you have now, it is multiple generations old. The new models, including transducers, have become so much better that even if you could it would not be a wise decision not to update the transducer in the long run.

    So bite the bullet, so to speak, and update to a modern system and enjoy it.

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