ProMariner chargers?

Discussion in 'Electronics Q&A' started by quality time, Dec 29, 2017.

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    Thanks Ken. In that case I might stick with the 40 amp rather than up it to a 60 amp model. While it would be really nice to have, the charge time isn't as critical for me and probably not worth my needs to run new wire from the DC panel. While I do spend full days on the hook, I don't usually overnight at anchor. The more I consider it, the more going to group 31 AGMs for increased capacity to help run the fridges makes the most sense for me and the way I use the boat.
    My genny is quiet and fuel efficient enough, but I often have another boat rafted on my starboard side for the day and don't like subjecting them to it for long periods so I avoid using it if anything other than my kids little 18 footer is on that side. If they're the only boat, or only one of two boats, tied up to me with the bigger one to port then running the genny isn't a problem.
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    Working down my winter list and this charger replacement is up next. I originally planned on using the 1250P because my OEM charger is 50 amps. However, the 1250P calls for 6AWG wire and the boat has 8AWG. This size wire is acceptable for the 1240P so any opinions on stepping down to a 40 amp charger? I’ve never seen more than 20-25 amp output on my current charger and the gen runs from the time we leave the slip until we return. Was just looking for a quick swap and not really wanting to upgrade wiring...
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    Hey Ken. When you installed your remote did you install it at the helm, or in the cabin? I'm thinking of putting mine in the cabin in the DC Panel cabinet if I can figure out how to route the wire.
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    If you have not seen demand over 25 amp, the 40 is plenty. It can slow down your replenish charge time but that is a fair trade off to not have to rewire.

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