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    Sep 23, 2012
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    Hey Guys,
    anyone know how to remove the tv from the media room in a 2010+ 450? looking to replace with a new one but cant see how to get it off the wall.
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    There is a process playing a game like darts using full beer bottles that might work, but I don’t think that was your intent...:)

    Seriously I had a similar problem with replacing on of the TVs on the Sabre. There can’t be that many ways to do this, maybe what I ran into can help. They used a two piece bracket shaped like a flat square box. One piece mounted to the bulkhead and the other to the tv back. Each piece was a five sided open box. The tv piece was larger and nested over the bulkhead part. The bulkhead part had two tabs on the horizontal top surface that mated with slots in the top surface of the tv part. Basically you engaged the tabs with the slots and that held the two together. The bottom surface of the tv part was threaded in two locations with Allen cap screws. These screwed up through holes in the bottom of the bulkhead bracket making the whole thing permanent. You had to reach in behind the tv from the bottom with an Allen wrench to get to the cap screws.
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