Vodka as anti-freeze

Discussion in 'Winterizing' started by northern, Aug 7, 2017.

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    I read an article that one person used vodka as an anti-freeze in their potable water system instead of pink propylene glycol. Said the vodka taste washed out with one fresh tank of water.


    Has any tried this?

    Will the vodka hurt the 12 volt water pump, rubber in the faucets and the water lines in the boat?
  2. paulswagelock

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    Oct 25, 2010
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    The cheap antifreeze is alcohol based, and about the same percentage so yes it would work. It is an expensive alternative to $5 a gallon for antifreeze. There is one type of plastic it will affect, but it is ok for most. It is flammable however so not the best choice.
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  3. LTD.330

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    Have you considered blowing out your water system with an air compressor? Not only is it considerably cheaper than anti-freeze, there is no flushing of the water system required when recommissioning in the spring.
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    This X2. Been doing it for 15 years. Connect compressor to the shore water inlet, lower the pressure to 50 psi and blow the lines clear. I hate pink anti freeze in the lines.
  5. rcknecht

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    I blow mine out too as was mentioned... I don't blow through the pump... After connecting to the shore water connection and blowing out the system, I disconnect the inlet and outlet from the pump and blow back to tank and to the HW heater... I also drain the HW heater before begin blowing out the water... I also blow out the AC system... However, I like the idea of using Vodka, if you can get it keep...
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    i have used air from the exhaust port of a small wet/dry vac to blow out the water lines and engine block of a previous boat for winterization....this worked very well since it is a source of 'high volume - low pressure' air....the force of the air was not enough to do any damage.....

  7. Bt Doctur

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    a waste of good booze, just use compressed air.

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