What the hell is wrong with our country these days?

Discussion in 'Holding Tank' started by Gofirstclass, Jun 29, 2020 at 10:14 PM.

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    Jesus Jenny, for the life of me I cannot figure out what is going on with our country. We're experiencing rioting (not just protesting) from Seattle to NYC to Florida. We're seeing huge spikes in shootings, murders, assaults, rapes, etc. Seattle's "Summer of Love" has left several males dead and more injured. Chicago, NYC and other cities are experiencing major increases in their homocides. Statues that represent the history of our country are being torn down and nobody gets arrested for the vandalism.

    I'd hate to think this was some kind of pre-planned by the majority party mayors in the majority of our nation's largest cities. That these rioters have been allowed to continue unabated for a month now is amazing. I find no sane rhyme or reason behind it.

    And at the same time all this crappola is going on around the country there are increased calls for defunding or eliminating the police departments in all of these same cities. When the sh!t hits the fan and you call 9-1-1, who's going to come, Ghostbusters? Don't these idiots have any idea that if this stuff is going on now, what's going to happen without police officers to protect them? Older, more experienced officers in many cities are already taking early retirement. Is that what we want? A police department that consists of young kids that are the new kids on the block and the more experienced officers who are not eligible to retire hiding from "hot" calls for fear they might get into a hazardous situation and (gasp!) have to draw their weapon?

    I don't see any of this headed on a good direction. Looking down the road a bit I see armed groups fighting against other armed groups and that scares the bejesus out of me.

    What say you?
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    The left will do anything to win back the Presidency. I'm concerned what their next move will be between now and November, but more so what will happen when Trump wins a second term?
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  3. Dave4562

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    It is scary and if you look at it with a historical perspective , the fact the ruling class seems to crumble so fast is scary.
    BLM is a racist anti semitic group on their own. They call to join BDS, etc. I am not sure how that has anything to do with their public personae.
    We need a strong police presence not shutting them down or anarchy will reign. What will we see Leftists and anarchists fighting right wingers, would kind of ruin the country.
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    American Revolution 2020. It has started.
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    It’s not just the US....Canada has protests and BLM calling for the defunding/dismantling of police, albeit not on the scale producing the violence that’s happening in your major cities.
    Who is behind the coordination of the marches?
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    My theory is they want to privatize the police force. We see how well that worked for the prison system (sarcasm). I sure as hell don’t recognize my America anymore. What the hell did we fight for? Nobody seems to remember any sacrifice made. I spend every day stressing over the energy it takes not to slap some ridiculous disrespectful idiot who wouldn’t know patriotism from a kick in the ass. I am probably becoming one of those old cranky guys that start most sentences with “back in my day...”.
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    Well if there is no police dept in Minneapolis I would think there will be a huge reduction in revenue derived from sporting events, conventions, etc. No way I would ever go into that city (or any other major city) if there is no police dept. Will the Vikings have to give up their home games? If there are no fans there is no revenue. Hotels will take a big hit.

    And agreed, who will these protestors call when someone breaks into their house?

    Heard something the other day. It was about Michael Bennett, Jussie Smollett, and Darrell (Bubba) Wallace. If racism is such an issue in this country then why do they need to keep making up false reports to try to get their point across?

    And if we are going to get rid of all these statues and you want equality? Get rid of all Martin Luther King statues too then.

    This whole thing stems from people not following police commands. I'm quite sure if I had the same attitude and acted the same as these guys I see on the news I'd end up in a very similar situation/fate as them. And it has nothing to do with skin color. It is all about respect. Black, white, yellow, or green, you need to respect others period. The lower income level are the worst with this disrespect. And why are they lower income? Because they don't respect their parents, teachers, or any other authority figure. They don't want to do homework? Get an IEP. Wife has a friend whose son (white) didn't want to do homework so the mother went to the school and got an IEP saying he didn't have to do homework because it was too stressful for him. He is about 26 now. He has attended paramedic school and quit. He signed up for the police academy but never went for the pre-test. He signed up for the volunteer fire dept but didn't want to help with any of the work so ended up quitting. Now he works in a junkyard for about $12/hour. Maybe if he had been forced to do homework he would have become more responsible and done better for himself.
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    We need to unplug the internet. Unfortunately humanity was not prepared for the power it has given the wrong people. It would be a bitch for sure but some how we managed to live and thrive with out it for decades. If we could only harness its power to automate and make life more efficient while limiting the extent that certain information is transmitted, we could have a chance at peace on earth. The 24 hour news cycle and the ability for real time streaming of all things unholy will make it impossible to maintain any sense of morality at all. I say destroy Facebook, Tik Tok, and Twitter for starters. Then round up anyone that was found to be involved in inciting these riots and charge them with sedition and pen them up in the prisons that have the highest rates of Covid 19 infection. Time to take the gloves off and take our country back from the punks that the politicians are so afraid of. I liken it to parents that won't discipline their God Damned kids because they are afraid their kids won't love them anymore. Fact... The kids that are disciplined consistently are generally most likely to grow up to be successful members of society. Im so sick of it all, so is my wife. She is actually actively lobbying ME to find a bigger boat, sell the ranch and float out of California. Problem is where to?
    Carpe Diem
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    I believe there is a movement across most of the planet, especially amongst the developed world, to institute a “global” economic/govt system, as opposed to nationalistic societies. It has become apparent that the US Constitution, with its guarantee of individual rights, is under direct attack and stands in the way of those that would desire a globalist, “world community” under one centralized power (something along the lines of the United Nations). And that form of World government, necessarily, will be Marxist, leftist, Communist in its ideology. Individual rights in such a system do not exist. I never would have believed such a swift movement could happen because I didn’t think it could generate the organization necessary to attain power. I never thought I’d see it in my lifetime, although it appears it’s here. I’m reminded of a quote from The Lord of the Rings when King Theoden, upon being informed that orcs were rampaging villages in his kingdom, stated, “I will not risk open war.” Aragorn, the hero of the story, tells Theoden, “Open war is upon you whether you will risk it or not.”
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    This is all rooted from K12 and universities indoctrinating our kids. They’ve been erasing history and teaching marxist/communist ways in the classrooms for years and now it’s in the public square. George Soros and the Democrats pulled a slow one on us. They’re seeing the fruits of their labor now.
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    GoFirstClass - Do you read Imprimis from Hillsdale College? You may find some answers or better yet some insight in those analysis -
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  12. Soulshine

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    Extremely well said on all points.

    The trouble is that like most addictions the pull is too strong and the roots too deep.

    These days you can’t even go somewhere else since the problem is global unless you go off the grid completely.

    I’m glad I don’t have 50 years of this nonsense in front of me.
  13. carterchapman

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    That's the $64,000 question today. I lived in California in the 70's (San Diego) and loved it. I was in the Navy and didn't pay California taxes. Now, I'm not sure now I will ever visit California again with the state politics. Sort of voting with my feet.

    We are sort of in your "where to" problem. We have a home in Georgia and one on the SW coast of FL. We love our FL home 8 months a year and the boating is great. Our question is where do we go the the remaining 4 months when its hot/humid and hurricane threats. That's a lot simpler question than yours, but I can't imagine living in the people's republic of California now. We keep Reward in TN for the summers and the boating is pretty good there too. Both states have no state tax - that's a consideration for you to look at as you choose.

    So what do you look for?:
    - Taxes
    - Climate
    - Political stability
    - Civilization - rural or urban setting
    - LOL - always have to have a nearby Hospital, Costco and HD

    If I could get my mind around 4 months each year, SW FL would be my permanent answer.

    I probably need to pick COD's/nealtromblely's brain a little more as I they are there year round as to how to best handle the hurricane/heat/humidity issues in the summer.
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  14. northern

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    There is no way any of this will stop until there is punishment for the actions of those doing the rioting and violent protesting. Protester is becoming an occupation without fear of retribution. Government assistance without reason is fueling the protesters. In the 30ies governments all over the world had programs to employ youths. In the US they built items like parks that required little skill but lots of labour. It was like compulsory service without a gun. If one need to work for their free government cheque then perhaps they will see the reward of being part of a society.
  15. Golfman25

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    Sep 12, 2009
    Remember the phrase by Obama -- "fundamentally change the country." Biden is spouting the same phrase. Well folks, this is what that fundamental change looks like. The USA was founded on certain core principles -- life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness. Baseball, Chevrolet and apple pie. Etc. Those principles are now under attack. The media has been a willing partner -- they have gone from reporting to pushing a certain narrative. Look at history, it's repeating itself. What is most alarming is our so called leadership has all but given up -- no push back at all. Want to overtake a few city blocks -- no problem. Want tear down statues -- no problem. Want burn and loot -- no problem. The USA is doomed. The only solution is see is splitting up -- old USA and what ever these clowns want. I don't want to live with them.
  16. El Capitan

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    This is nothing. It will get worse. This is all straight from the globalist playbook. It has all been in play since the Civil War perhaps earlier.

    See Saul Alinsky.

    I believe the next shoe to drop will be economical. A major shakeup of the monetary system and the ushering in of the digital “dollar” incentivizing the public w a “year of jubilee” where all debts are “forgiven”. The trial run for this conversion was the banking collapse of 2008.

    None of this will compare to the civil unrest due to massive inflation.

    They own the media, they own the social media platforms, and they get away w lying to a dumbed down public accomplished through public schools and Universities.

    Be armed. Be supplied. Be debt free.
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  17. blaster

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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with our republic!

    We have a leadership problem and uninformed clingers keep electing globalists.
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  18. Dave4562

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    Nov 10, 2019
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  19. Dave4562

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    Nov 10, 2019
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    I really think using George Soros is a blank and just a purely anti-semitic response. He has done nothing wrong, doesnt give money to all these people. He has written books on economic theory which is pretty classical and from what I see is basically a Democratic centrist viewpoint. Nothing else.

    I have to also say I am reading what I am feeling from most of these blurbs and I too believe it is an attempt to create a revolution. the Democrats are attempting to use it to get back to power. History always shows a revolution usually eats the people who start it. I would take a look at the French revolution. In germany the middle and right were able to sieze back but in the end the National socialists devoured them.
    History repeats
  20. El Capitan

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    Jul 9, 2014
    Chicago IL./Vero Beach, Fl
    1970 SRV 180 w 2.5L Mercruiser.
    2000 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer
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    Really? Ever heard of the American Revolution? o_O

    There won’t be one here. It’s too late unfortunately.

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